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Description300mA/150mA Dual CMOS LDO Linear Regulator<<<>>>the AAT3242 is a Dual Low Dropout Linear<<<>>>regulator With Power ok Outputs. Two Integrated<<<>>>regulators Provide a High Power 300mA Output And<<<>>>a Lower Power 150mA Output, Making This Device<<<>>>ideal For Use With Microprocessors And DSP Cores<<<>>>in Portable Products. Two Power ok (POK) Pins<<<>>>provide Open Drain Output Signals When Their<<<>>>respective Regulator Output is Within Regulation.<<<>>>the AAT3242 Has Independent Input Voltage And<<<>>>enable Pins For Increased Design Flexibility. This<<<>>>device Features a Very Low Quiescent Current<<<>>>(140A Typical), And Low Dropout Voltages, Typically<<<>>>200mV And 400mV at The Full Output Current Level,<<<>>>making it Ideal For Portable Applications Where<<<>>>extended Battery Life is Critical. The AAT3242 Has<<<>>>complete Over-current/short-circuit And Over-temperature<<<>>>protection Circuits to Guard Against<<<>>>extreme Operating Conditions.
CompanyAnadigics, Inc.
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300mA/150mA Dual CMOS LDO Linear Regulator General Description

The is a Dual Low Dropout Linear Regulator with Power OK outputs. Two integrated regulators provide a high power 300mA output and a lower power 150mA output, making this device ideal for use with microprocessors and DSP cores in portable products. Two Power OK (POK) pins provide open drain output signals when their respective regulator output is within regulation. The AAT3242 has independent input voltage and enable pins for increased design flexibility. This device features a very low quiescent current (140A typical), and low dropout voltages, typically 200mV and 400mV at the full output current level, making it ideal for portable applications where extended battery life is critical. The AAT3242 has complete over-current/short-circuit and over-temperature protection circuits to guard against extreme operating conditions. The AAT3242 is available in a space saving 12 pin TSOPJW package. This device is capable of operation over to 85C temperature range.


High/Low Current Outputs, 300mA/150mA Low Dropout LDO at 300mA LDO at 150mA High output voltage accuracy, 1.5% High PSRR: 1KHz 70A Quiescent Current for each LDO Over-current/short-circuit protection Over-Temperature protection 2 Power OK (POK) outputs Independent power and enable inputs Uses low ESR ceramic capacitors Available in 12 pin TSOPJW Package to 85C Temperature Range


Microprocessor/DSP Core/IO Power Cellular Phones Notebook Computers PDA's and Handheld Computers Digital Cameras Portable Communication Devices Handheld instruments


Enable Regulator A pin - this pin should not be left floating. When pulled low the PMOS pass transistor turns off and the device enters shutdown mode, consuming less than 1A. Ground connection pins. Power OK pin with Open drain output. It is pulled low when the OUTA pin is below the 10% regulation window. Low Current (150mA) Regulator Output pin - should be decoupled with 2.2F or greater output low ESR ceramic capacitor. Input voltage pin for regulator B - should be decoupled with 1F or greater capacitor. Enable Regulator B - this pin should not be left floating. When pulled low, the PMOS pass transistor turns off and the device enters shutdown mode, consuming less than 1A. Power OK pin with Open drain output. It is pulled low when the OUTB pin is below the 10% regulation window. High current (300mA) Regulator Output Pin - should be decoupled with 2.2F or greater output low ESR ceramic capacitor. Input voltage pin for regulator A - should be decoupled with 1F or greater capacitor.

300mA/150mA Dual CMOS LDO Linear Regulator Absolute Maximum Ratings1

Input Voltage DC Output Current Operating Junction Temperature Range Maximum Soldering Temperature (at leads, 10 sec)

Notes: 1: Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation at conditions other than the operating conditions specified is not implied. Only one Absolute Maximum rating should be applied at any one time. 2: Based on long-term current density limitation.

Note 1: Mounted a FR4 board. Note 2: Derate 9.1mW/C above 25C.


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