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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Up/Down Converters => Downconverters
DescriptionHigh Linearity, Low Power Downconverting Mixer
The LT®5525 is a low power broadband mixer optimized for high linearity applications such as point-to-point data transmission, high performance radios and wireless infrastructure systems. The device includes an internally 50Ω matched high speed LO amplifier driving a double-balanced active mixer core. An integrated RF buffer amplifier provides excellent LO-RF isolation. The RF input balun and all associated 50Ω matching components are integrated. The IF ports can be easily matched across a broad range of frequencies for use in a wide variety of applications.

The LT5525 offers a high performance alternative to passive mixers. Unlike passive mixers, which require high LO drive levels, the LT5525 operates at significantly lower LO input levels and is much less sensitive to LO power level variations.
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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Packages16-LEAD (4mm × 4mm) PLASTIC QFN


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