Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MCF54455
CategoryMicroprocessors => 32 bit
Description32-bit Microcontrollers and Processors
V e r s i o n 4 C o l d F i r e Core with MMU and EMAC
? Up to 410 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 266 MHz
? 16-kBytes instruction cache and 16-kBytes data cache
? 32-kBytes internal SRAM
? Support for booting from SPI-compatible flash, EEPROM,
and FRAM devices
? Crossbar switch technology (XBS) for concurrent access to
peripherals or RAM from multiple bus masters
? 16-channel DMA controller
? 16-bit 133-MHz DDR/mobile-DDR/DDR2 controller
? USB 2.0 On-the-Go controller with ULPI support
? 32-bit PCI controller @ 66MHz
? ATA/ATAPI controller
? 2 10/100 Ethernet MACs
? Coprocessor for acceleration of the DES, 3DES, AES,
MD5, and SHA-1 algorithms
? Random number generator
? Synchronous serial interface (SSI)
? 4 periodic interrupt timers (PIT)
? 4 32-bit timers with DMA support
? DMA-supported serial peripheral interface (DSPI)
? 3 UARTs
?I C bus interface
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products


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