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CategoryPower Management => Power Factor Controllers
DescriptionPFC Controllers
PFC Controllers Transition-mode PFC controller
CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Guaranteed for extreme temperature range (outdoor) Proprietary multiplier design for minimum THD Very accurate adjustable output overvoltage protection Ultra-low (30 A) start-up current Low (2.5 mA) quiescent current Digital leading-edge blanking on current sense Disable function on E/A input = 25 °C) internal reference voltage -600/+800 mA totem pole gate driver with active pull-down during UVLO and voltage clamp Block diagram


Street lighting IEC61000-3-2 compliant SMPS (Flat TV, monitors, desktop PC, games) Electronic ballast

Order codes L6562ATD L6562ATDTR Package DIP-8 SO-8 Rev 1 Packaging Tube Tape and reel 1/25

Maximum ratings. 5 Thermal data. 5 Electrical characteristics. 6 Typical electrical characteristic. 8 Application information. 12

Overvoltage protection. 12 Disable function. 13 THD optimizer circuit. 13 Operating with no auxiliary winding on the boost inductor. 15 Comparison between the L6562AT and the L6562. 16

Application examples and ideas. 17 Package mechanical data. 21 Revision history. 24

The is a current-mode PFC controller operating in transition mode (TM). Coming with the same pin-out as its predecessors L6561 and L6562, it offers improved performance. The highly linear multiplier includes a special circuit, able to reduce AC input current distortion, that allows wide-range-mains operation with an extremely low THD, even over a large load range. The output voltage is controlled by means of a voltage-mode error amplifier and an accurate (1% @TJ = 25 °C) internal voltage reference. The device features extremely low consumption (60 µA max. before start-up and 5.5 mA operating) and includes a disable function suitable for IC remote ON/OFF, which makes it easier to comply with energy saving requirements (Blue Angel, EnergyStar, Energy2000, etc.). An effective two-step OVP enables to safely handle overvoltages either occurring at start-up or resulting from load disconnection. The totem-pole output stage, capable 600 mA source and 800 mA sink current, is suitable to drive high current MOSFETs or IGBTs. This, combined with the other features and the possibility to operate with the proprietary Fixed-Off-Time control, makes the device an excellent low-cost solution for EN61000-3-2 compliant SMPS in excess 350 W.


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XC61FSeries : Detect Voltage = 1.6to 6.0V ;; Accuracy = 2% ;; Voltage Operating = 0.7to 10V ;; Quiescentcurrent = Typ.1.0A (Vin=2V) ;; Output = Nchopen Drain / CMOS ;; Package = SOT-23 SOT-89.

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