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CategoryPower Management => Lighting Controllers
DescriptionN-Channel Controller For Constant Current LED Drivers
The LM3429 is a versatile high voltage LED driver controller. With the capability to be configured in a Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost (Flyback), or SEPIC topology, and an input and output operating voltage rating of 75V, the LM3429 is ideal for illuminating LEDs in a very diverse, large family of applications.
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a versatile high voltage LED driver controller. With the capability to be configured in a Buck, Boost, BuckBoost (Flyback), or SEPIC topology, and an input and output operating voltage rating of 75V, the LM3429 is ideal for illuminating LEDs in a very diverse, large family of applications. Adjustable high-side current sense with a typical sense voltage 100 mV allows for tight regulation of the LED current with the highest efficiency possible. Output LED current regulation is based on peak current-mode control with predictive Off-Time Control. This method of control eases the design of loop compensation while providing inherent input voltage feed-forward compensation. The LM3429 includes a high-voltage startup regulator that operates over a wide input range to 75V. The internal PWM controller is designed for adjustable switching frequencies to 2.0MHz, thus enabling compact solutions. Additional features include: precision reference, logic compatible DIM input suitable for fast PWM dimming, cycle-by-cycle current limit, and thermal shutdown. The LM3429 comes in a low profile, thermally efficient TSSOP EP 14-lead package.


VIN range from 75V 2% Internal reference voltage (1.235V) Current sense voltage adjustable from 20 mV High-side current sensing 2 MOSFET gate driver Dimming MOSFET gate driver Input under-voltage protection Over-voltage protection Low shutdown current, < 1µA Fast (50kHz) PWM dimming Cycle-by-cycle current limit Programmable switching frequency TSSOP EP 14-lead package


LED Drivers Constant-Current Buck-Boost Regulator Constant-Current Boost Regulator Constant-Current Flyback Regulator Constant-Current SEPIC Regulator Thermo-Electric Cooler (Peltier) Driver

Order Number LM3429MH LM3429MHX Spec. NOPB Package Type TSSOP-14 EP NSC Package Drawing MXA14A 92 Units, Rail 2500 Units, Tape and Reel Supplied As

LM3429 Name VIN COMP CSH RCT AGND Function Power supply input (4.5V-75V). Bypass with 100nF capacitor to AGND as close to the device as possible in the circuit board layout. Compensation: PWM controller error amplifier compensation pin. This pin connects through a series resistorcapacitor network to AGND. Current Sense High: Output of the high side sense amplifier and input to the main regulation loop error amplifier. Resistor Capacitor Timing: External RC network sets the predictive "off-time" and thus the switching frequency. The RC network should be placed as close to the device as possible in the circuit board layout. Analog Ground: The proper place to connect the compensation and timing capacitor returns. This pin should be connected via the circuit board to the PGND pin through the EP copper circuit board pad. Over-Voltage Protection sense input: 1.24V threshold with hysteresis that is user programmable by the selection of the OVP Over-Voltage Lock-Out (OVLO) resistor divider network. If not used connect pin to GND. Not DIM input: Dual function pin. Primarily used as the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input. When driven with a resistor divider from VIN, this pin also functions as a user programmable VIN Under-Voltage Lock-Out (UVLO) with 1.24V threshold and programmable hysteresis by the UVLO resistor divider network. The PWM and UVLO functions can be performed simultaneously. No connection. Leave this pin open. Power Ground: GATE and DDRV gate drive ground current return pin. This pin should be connected via the circuit board to the AGND pin through the EP copper circuit board pad. Main switching MOSFET gate drive output. Internal Regulator Bypass: 6.9V low dropout linear regulator output. Bypass with 2.2 µF­3.3 µF, ceramic type capacitor to PGND. Main Switch Current Sense input: This pin is used for current mode control and cycle-by-cycle current limit. This pin can be tied to the drain of the main N-channel MOSFET switch for RDS(ON) sensing or tied to a sense resistor installed in the source of the same device. High Side Sense Positive: LED current sense positive input. An external resistor sets a reference current flowing into this pin from the programmed high-side sense voltage. Although the current into this pin can be set to values ranging from 10 µA through 1 mA, a value µA is recommended. This pin is a virtual ground whose potential is set by the voltage on the HSN pin.

Function High Side Sense Negative: This pin sets the reference voltage for the HSP input. An external resistor of the same value as that used on the HSP pin should be connected from this pin to the negative side of the current sense resistor. EP: Star ground, connecting AGND and PGND. For thermal considerations please refer to (Note 4) of the Electrical Characteristics table.


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