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DescriptionDual Input, Far Field Noise Suppression Microphone Amplifier
The LMV1090 is a fully analog dual differential input, differential output, microphone array amplifier designed to reduce background acoustic noise, while delivering superb speech clarity in voice communication applications.

The LMV1090 preserves near-field voice signals within 4cm of the microphones while rejecting far-field acoustic noise greater than 50cm from the microphones. Up to 20dB of far-field rejection is possible in a properly configured and using ±0.5dB matched micropohones.

Part of the Powerwise™ family of energy efficient solutions, the LMV1090 consumes only 600?A of sup
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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LMV1090 Dual Input, Far Field Noise Suppression Microphone Amplifier
Dual Input, Far Field Noise Suppression Microphone Amplifier

The is a fully analog dual differential input, differential output, microphone array amplifier designed to reduce background acoustic noise, while delivering superb speech clarity in voice communication applications. The LMV1090 preserves near-field voice signals within 4cm of the microphones while rejecting far-field acoustic noise greater than 50cm from the microphones. 20dB of farfield rejection is possible in a properly configured and using ±0.5dB matched micropohones. Part of the PowerwiseTM family of energy efficient solutions, the LMV1090 consumes only 600A of supply current providing superior performance over DSP solutions consuming greater than ten times the power. The dual microphone inputs and the processed signal output are differential to provide excellent noise immunity. The microphones are biased with an internal low-noise bias supply.

Far Field Noise Suppression Electrical * SNRIE Supply current Standby current Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Voice band) Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise PSRR (217Hz) 34dB (typ) 26dB (typ) 600A (typ) 0.1A (typ) 65dB (typ) 0.1% (typ) 99dB (typ)


No loss of voice intelligibility No added processing delay Low power consumption Differential outputs Excellent RF immunity Adjustable - 54dB gain Shutdown function Space-saving 16­bump micro SMD package


Mobile headset Mobile and handheld two-way radios Bluetooth and other powered headsets Hand-held voice microphones Cell phones

FIGURE 1. Typical Dual Microphone Far Field noise Cancelling Application

Top View Order Number LMV1090TL See NS Package Number TLA1611A 16­Bump micro SMD Marking micro SMD Package View

Top View X = Plant Code YY = Date Code TT = Die Traceability = LMV1090TL Ordering Information Order Number LMV1090TL LMV1090TLX Package 16 Bump µSMD 16 Bump µSMD Package Drawing Number TLA1611A Device Marking XYTTZA3

Transport Media 250 units on tape and reel 1000 units on tape and reel


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