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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: ZSSC3122
TitleZMDI ZSSC3122 capacitive sensor signal conditioner benefits MEMS, industrial, harsh environments especially battery powered applications
DescriptionThe ZSSC3122 can be configured to interface with capacitive sensors from 2 to 10 pF with sensitivity as low as 125 atto-Farads (aF) per digital bit. The part accommodates single and differential input sensor configurations. All calibration is digital and completed in one pass, eliminating the cost of laser trimming and speeding production of fully calibrated sensor modules.

"As the flagship product of ZMDI, sensor signal conditioners demonstrate the precision, accuracy, operational efficiency and high performance that is designed in to every one of our devices,” stated Steve Ramdin, Global Product Manager SSC at ZMDI. “Working closely with our customers, we have developed a digital technique to correct not only first-order, but third-order nonlinearity errors difficult or impossible to correct with a pure analog signal path. By providing third-order correction, we give our customers a device that is especially useful in humidity and pressure applications, as well as correcting for other sensor imperfections in almost any situation.”

The ZSSC3122 connects to micro-controllers but can also be utilized in stand-alone designs for transducer and switch applications. The mixed signal design of cLite offers 14-bit capacitive-to-digital conversion and full 14-bit compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity and temperature via an internal digital signal processor running a correction algorithm. Calibration coefficients are stored in an on-board non-volatile EEPROM. The system interface offers I2C, SPI, PDM or alarm outputs.

ZSSC3122 photo
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