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Diodes' ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 are low-power, programmable depletion mode FET bias controllers intended primarily for satellite low-noise blocks (LNBs). Designed to provide system flexibility, the devices can be programmed to bias up to four (ZABG4003) or six (ZABG6003/ZABG6004) low noise amplifier (LNA) stages. The bias controllers operate with a minimal current of only 1 mA and can operate over a supply voltage of 2.1 V to 5.5 V making them ideal for low-power designs. The small package and reduced component count minimizes the PCB area while enhancing overall LNB reliability. A flexible solution allowing LNB designers to choose solutions for several system designs while taking advantage of its advanced FET protection, higher performance, and low current operation.

CompanyDiodes, Inc.
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The is an advanced GaAs and HEMT FETs bias controller designed to operate from minimal supply rails and intended primarily for satellite Low Noise Blocks (LNBs). With the addition of one capacitor and two resistors, the ZABG4003 provides drain voltage and current control for to 4 external grounded source FETs. Generating the regulated negative rail required for FET gate biasing whilst operating from a single supply to 5V. The -2V negative bias can also be used to supply other external circuits. Setting drain currents on the ZABG4003 uses two resistors to split control between two pairs of FETs. This allows the operating current of input FETs to be adjusted to minimize noise, whilst the following FET stages can separately be adjusted for maximum gain.


Provides Bias for to 4 GaAs and HEMT FETs Operating Range to 5V Ultra-low Operating Current of 0.95mA Dynamic FET Protection Amplifier FET Drain Current Selectable to 15mA) Regulated Negative Rail Generator Requires only 1 External Capacitor Expended Temperature Range C U-QFN3030-16 (Type B) Surface Mount Package Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant (Notes & 2) Halogen and Antimony Free. "Green" Device (Note 3)

Low Power LNB's Digital LNB's IP LNB's Twin LNB's and Quad LNB's General Purpose LNA Bias

1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) & 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) compliant. 2. See for more information about Diodes Incorporated's definitions of Halogen- and Antimony-free, "Green" and Lead-free. 3. Halogen- and Antimony-free "Green" products are defined as those which contain < 900ppm bromine, <900ppm chlorine (<1500ppm total Br + Cl) and <1000ppm antimony compounds.

The ZABG series of devices are designed to meet the bias requirements of GaAs and HEMT FETs commonly used in satellite receiver LNBs with a minimum of external components whilst operating from a minimal voltage supply and using minimal current. The ZABG4003 has four FET bias stages that can be programmed to provide a constant drain current. Programming of the FET bias stage arrangement and the operating currents of each FET group is achieved by resistors connected to the R CAL1 and RCAL2 pins, allowing input FETs to be biased for optimum noise, amplifier FETs for optimum gain. Amplifier FETs can be operated at currents in the range 15mA. D1 and D3 on the ZABG4003 can be programmed with RCAL1 over the range to 15mA and D2 and D4 are programmed with RCAL2.

Drain voltages of amplifier stages are set at 2.0V and are current limited to approximately current set by their associated R CAL resistors. Depletion mode FETs require a negative voltage bias supply when operated in grounded source circuits. The ZABG4003 includes an integrated switched capacitor DC-DC converter generating a regulated output -2V to allow single supply operation. The ZABG4003 has been designed to be used with supply rails to 5.0V and the VDD range has been extended 5.5V to allow for 10% supply variation. It is possible to use less than the full complement of FET bias controls, unused drain and gate connections can be left open circuit without affecting operation of the remaining bias circuits. To protect the external FETs the circuits have been designed to ensure that, under any conditions including power up/down transients, the gate drive from the bias circuits cannot exceed -2.5V. Additionally each stage has its own individual current limiter. Furthermore if the negative rail experiences a fault condition, such as overload or short circuit, the drain supply to the FETs will be limited, avoiding excessive current flow. The ZABG4003 is available in the 16 pin U-QFN3030-16 (Type B) package. Device operating temperature C to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

Pin Name G2 NC Gnd CSUB G3 D3 VDD D1 G1 Gnd Drain GaAs FET 2 Gate GaAs FET 2 No Connection Ground Negative rail reservoir capacitor Drain current setting for D2 and D4 Drain current setting for D1 and D3 Gate GaAs FET 4 Drain GaAs FET 4 Gate GaAs FET 3 Drain GaAs FET 3 Supply voltage Drain GaAs FET 1 Gate GaAs FET 1


Symbol VDD IDD TJ TSTG Supply Voltage Supply Current Power Dissipation U-QFN3030-16 (Type B) Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Parameter Rating to +150 Unit mA mW


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Diodes' ZABG4003, ZABG6003, and ZABG6004 are low-power, programmable depletion mode FET bias controllers intended primarily for satellite low-noise blocks (LNBs). Designed to provide system flexibility,


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