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ON Semiconductor NCL3018x AC-DC Controllers are analog/digital dimmable and power factor corrected current-mode controllers. These controllers support flyback, buck-boost, and Single-Ended Primary-Inductor Converter (SEPIC) topologies and target isolated and non-isolated constant current LED drivers. The NCL3018x controllers come in a compact SOIC package and are highly integrated with a minimum number of external components. These quasi-resonant controllers operate at a temperature range of -40șC to 125șC and supply voltage of 8.2V to 9.4V. The NCL3018x controllers are RoHS compliant, lead-free, and halide-free.

CompanyON Semiconductor
DatasheetDownload NCL30188BDR2G New Technology datasheet
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Output Voltage8 V to 14 V
Input / Supply Voltage - Min8.2 V
Input / Supply Voltage - Max20 V
Switching Frequency65 kHz
Duty Cycle - Max-
Operating Supply Current3 mA
Operating Temperature Range- 40 C to + 125 C
Output Current300 mA, 500 mA
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Features, Applications

NCL30188 Power Factor Corrected Quasi-Resonant Primary Side Current-Mode Controller for LED Lighting with Thermal Foldback

The is a controller targeting isolated and non-isolated "smart-dimmable" constant-current LED drivers. Designed to support flyback, buck-boost, and SEPIC topologies, its proprietary current-control algorithm provides near-unity power factor and tightly regulates a constant LED current from the primary side, thus eliminating the need for a secondary-side feedback circuitry or an optocoupler. Housed in the SOIC8, the NCL30188 is specifically intended for very compact space-efficient designs. The device is highly integrated with a minimum number of external components. A robust suite of safety protections is built in to simplify the design. To ensure reliable operations at elevated temperatures, a user configurable current foldback circuit is also provided. Pin-to-pin compatible to the NCL30088, the NCL30188 provides the same benefits with in addition, an increased resolution of the digital current-control algorithm for a 75% reduction in the LED current quantization ripple.


8 L30188x ALYW L30188x = Specific Device Code A = Assembly Location L = Wafer Lot Y = Year W = Work Week G = Pb-Free Package

Quasi-resonant Peak Current-mode Control Operation PIN CONNECTIONS Constant Current Control with Primary Side Feedback 1 Tight LED Constant Current Regulation of ±2% Typical VCC ZCD Power Factor Correction DRV VS Line Feedforward for Enhanced Regulation Accuracy GND COMP Low Start-up Current (13 mA typ.) CS SD Wide Vcc Range (Top View) 500 mA Totem Pole Driver with 12 V Gate Clamp Robust Protection Features ORDERING INFORMATION OVP on VCC See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package Programmable Over Voltage / LED Open Circuit Protection dimensions section on page 25 of this data sheet. Cycle-by-cycle Peak Current Limit Winding Short Circuit Protection Secondary Diode Short Protection Output Short Circuit Protection Shorted Current Sense Protection User Programmable NTC Based Thermal Foldback Typical Applications Thermal Shutdown Vcc Undervoltage Lockout Integral LED Bulbs and Tubes Brown-out Protection LED Light Engines Pb-Free, Halide-Free Product LED Drivers/Power Supplies Latching-off or 4-s Auto-recovery Electronic Control Gear for LED Lighting (NCL30188B) Protection Modes (See Table 4)

Figure 1. Typical Application Schematic in a Flyback Converter
Figure 2. Typical Application Schematic in a Buck-Boost Converter

Pin No. 1 2 Pin Name ZCD VS Function Zero Crossing Detection Input Voltage Sensing Pin Description Connected to the auxiliary winding, this pin detects the core reset event. This pin observes the input voltage rail and protects the LED driver in case of too low mains conditions (brown-out). This pin also observes the input voltage rail for: - Power Factor Correction - Valley lockout This pin receives a filtering capacitor for power factor correction. Typical values ranges from 4.70 mF Connecting an NTC to this pin allows the user to program thermal current foldback threshold and slope. A Zener diode can also be used to pull-up the pin and stop the controller for adjustable OVP protection. This pin monitors the primary peak current. Controller ground pin. The driver's output to an external MOSFET This pin is the positive supply of the IC. The circuit starts to operate when VCC exceeds 18 V and turns off when VCC goes below 8.8 V (typical values). After start-up, the operating range 25.5 V (VCC (OVP ) minimum level).

Filtering Capacitor Thermal Foldback and Shutdown Current Sense - Driver Output IC Supply Pin


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ON Semiconductor NCL3018x AC-DC Controllers are analog/digital dimmable and power factor corrected current-mode controllers. These controllers support flyback, buck-boost, and Single-Ended Primary-Inductor

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