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TitleDevelopment Boards & Kits - ARM i.mx6ULL Eval Kit
CompanyFreescale Semiconductor
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MCIMX6Y1CVM05AA: Processors - Application Specialised BL Microcontrollers


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NXP® delivers the next installment in a line of highly flexible, market-focused development tools with an evaluation kit (EVK) based on the i.MX 6ULL applications processor.

The i.MX 6ULL processor is an extension of the popular i.MX 6 series, with a single ARM® Cortex®-A7 core running to 528 MHz. This EVK enables an LCD display and audio playback as well as many connectivity options. It is designed to showcase the most commonly used features of the processor in a small, low-cost package and to facilitate software development with the ultimate goal of faster time-to-market through the support of the Linux® operating system. EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE WITH LOW POWER AT A LOW BOM COST Leveraging the energy efficiency of the Cortex-A7 core, the i.MX 6ULL is the smallest and most energy-efficient processor built on ARM technology, providing maximum performance in low-power, space-constrained embedded environments. The board is powered by discrete power circuitry consisting of three DC-to-DC converters and one low dropout (LDO) regulator.

i.MX 6ULL EVK System Contents i.MX 6ULL CPU board and base board SENSORS The NXP FXLS8471Q accelerometer is highly versatile for industrial and consumer high-performance low-g applications that offer noise density, board mount offset, temperature performance and sensitivity. Integrated motion detection features include tilt, shake and tap detection with a new vector magnitude output that simplifies implementation and reduces power consumption. The NXP MAG3110 eCOMPASS is a small, low-power digital 3D magnetic sensor with a wide dynamic range to allow operation in PCBs with high extraneous magnetic fields. A footprint is also available to enable a gyroscope sensor.

CPU Board Processor Power management NXP i.MX 6ULL 528 MHz ARM® Cortex®-A7 core, MCIMX6Y2DVM05AA Discretes GB DDR3L SDRAM, 400 MHz 256 MB Quad SPI flash Memory MicroSD connector Footprint for eMMC Footprint for NAND flash Size Base Board Display board interface LCD expansion port connector HDMI connector and footprint for HDMI transmitter Audio codec Audio 3.5 mm stereo headphone output with MIC Mono-microphone input on board Left and right speaker out connectors One USB 2.0 Micro-B OTG connector One USB 2.0 Standard-A host connector Connectivity Two Ethernet (10/100T) connectors Dual CAN connector SD/SDIO connector Camera Sensors Parallel camera connector NXP MAG3110 eCOMPASS NXP FXLS8471Q accelerometer Footprint for gyroscope Debug Expansion port Size 20-pin standard JTAG connector UART to Micro USB connector Arduino® header 5.12 inch x 4.25 inch x 10.8 cm), 4-layer board 2.66 inch x 1.27 inch x 4.24 cm), 4-layer board

SOFTWARE AND TOOLS Simplify product design with a low-cost, feature-rich development platform that allows you to work with the majority of the processor's primary features and the corresponding software support. For software, design files, development tools and additional information, visit

NXP, the NXP logo, Freescale and the Energy Efficient Solutions logo are trademarks of NXP Semiconductors. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved. © 2016 NXP B.V. Document Number: EVKIMX6ULFS REV 2


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PK10FN1M0VMD12 : Embedded - Microcontroller Integrated Circuit (ics) Internal Tray 1.71 V ~ 3.6 V; IC ARM CORTEX MCU 1MB 144MAPBGA Specifications: Program Memory Size: 1MB (1M x 8) ; RAM Size: 128K x 8 ; Number of I /O: 104 ; Package / Case: 144-LBGA ; Speed: 120MHz ; Oscillator Type: Internal ; Packaging: Tray ; Program Memory Type: FLASH ; EEPROM Size: - ; Core Processor: ARM® Cortex™-M4 ; Data Converters: A/D 66x16b, D/A 2x1

MC8640DTHX1250HE : Embedded - Microprocessor Integrated Circuit (ics) MPC86xx PowerPC 32-Bit Tray 1.05V; IC DUAL CORE PROCESSOR 1023-CBGA Specifications: Processor Type: MPC86xx PowerPC 32-Bit ; Speed: 1.25GHz ; Voltage: 1.05V ; Features: - ; Package / Case: 1023-BCBGA, FCCBGA ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS Status: RoHS Non-Compliant

XPC850DEVR50BU : Embedded - Microprocessor Integrated Circuit (ics) MPC8xx PowerQUICC 32-Bit Tray 3.3V; IC MPU POWERQUICC 50MHZ 256-PBGA Specifications: Processor Type: MPC8xx PowerQUICC 32-Bit ; Speed: 50MHz ; Voltage: 3.3V ; Features: - ; Package / Case: 256-LBGA ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

KMPC8544EAVTAQG : Embedded - Microprocessor Integrated Circuit (ics) MPC85xx PowerQUICC III 32-Bit Tray 1V; IC MPU POWERQUICC III 783-PBGA Specifications: Processor Type: MPC85xx PowerQUICC III 32-Bit ; Speed: 1.0GHz ; Voltage: 1V ; Features: - ; Package / Case: 783-BBGA, FCBGA ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

CWS-OSK-DSP-DV : Obsolete/discontinued Part Number Programmers, Development System; SOFTWARE/SUPPORT CW OSEK DEV SE Specifications: Type: OSEKturbo ; For Use With/Related Products: OSEK ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant

MC9S12GA240F0CLF : 16-BIT, FLASH, 25 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PQFP48 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 16 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 3.13 to 5.5 volts ; I/O Ports: 40 ; Package Type: LFQP, Other, 7 X 7 MM, 1.40 MM HEIGHT, 0.50 MM PITCH, MS-026BBC, LQFP-48 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 48 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to

MC9S12HY64CLLR : 16-BIT, FLASH, 32 MHz, MICROCONTROLLER, PQFP64 Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE ; Clock Speed: 16 MHz ; ROM Type: Flash ; Supply Voltage: 1.72 to 1.98 volts ; I/O Ports: 50 ; Package Type: LFQP, Other, LQFP-64 ; Operating Range: Industrial ; Pin Count: 64 ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Features: PWM

MPC5646CFMLU8R : MICROCONTROLLER Specifications: Life Cycle Stage: ACTIVE

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MC68824 : Token-passing Bus Controller ( TBC ).

LTC3524 : Adjustable TFT Bias Supply With WLED Driver The LTC3524 is an integrated BIAS and white LED power converter solution for small/medium-sized polysilicon thin ?lm transistor (TFT) liquid crystal (LCD) display panels. The device operates from a single Lithium-Ion/polymer battery or any voltage source between 2.5V and 6V. A 1.5MHz synchronous boost converter.

225CKS100M : +85ˇćc General Purpose Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. I Lead Free Leads I In Stock S Capacitance Tolerance Operating Temperature Range Surge Voltage Dissipation Factor 120Hz, 20°C WVDC SVDC WVDC tan I Standardized Case Sizes I Multiple Case Styles Note: For above D.F. s, add.02 for every 1,000 µF above 1,000 µF 2,000 hours at 85°C with rated WVDC Load Life Capacitance change Dissipation factor Leakage.

T4032 : Telecommunications Products. Pulse is a leading provider of magnetics for telecom infrastructure equipment, customer premises equipment, audio interface applications, and emerging applications such as VoIP. Our broad portfolio of transformers and integrated transformer modules support T1/E1/ISDN-PRI, T3/E3/STS-1, ISDN-S, ISDN-U, Digital Audio, and DDS. Package options include surface.

LA42071 : Monolithic Linear IC 5W 2-channel AF Power Amplifier With DC Volume Control.

UPC339G2 : Bipolar Analog Integrated Circuit Single Power Supply QUAD Comparators.

VGA8028 : Gyrotron Oscillator. CPI gyrotrons were the first commercially available high-power, long-pulse/CW, high-frequency devices for plasma fusion experiments and other scientific and industrial applications. CPI-MPP provides an extensive line of gyrotrons that cover frequencies from 28-140 GHz with power levels to 1.3 MW. The VGA-8028 was designed to provide kW of millimeter.

IP175ALF : 5 Port 10/100 Ethernet Integrated Switch. 5 port 10/100 Ethernet switch with built in transceivers and memory Build in SSRAM for frame buffer Built in storage of 1K MAC address Support flow control ­ Support IEEE802.3x for flow control for full duplex mode operation ­ Support backpressure for flow control for half duplex mode operation 5 port switching fabric ­ Support two-level hashing algorithm.

J1031A24VDC.15S : CIT Switch. Low coil power consumption High sensitivity Conforms to FCC part 68 PC board mounting Small size, light weight s and availability subject to change without notice. Contact Resistance Contact Material Maximum Switching Power Maximum Switching Voltage Maximum Switching Current Coil Voltage VDC Coil Resistance 10%.15W 3840.20W Pick Up Voltage VDC (max).

TA1267AF_03 : Multistandard PIF / SIF Synchronous Demodulator IC. TOSHIBA BIPOLAR LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT SILICON MONOLITHIC True synchronous PIF demodulator 3-stages gain controlled PIF amplifier High speed response PIF AGC detector Buzz reducer 2 video inputs for selecting sound-carrier traps Equalizer for video output AFT detector without extra reference circuit Wide range gain controlled SIF amplifier (control.

TPD4S014 : Complete USB Port Protection Device The TPD4S014 is a single-chip solution for USB charger port protection. This device offers low capacitance TVS type ESD clamps for the D+, D- and standard Capacitance for the ID pin. On the VBUS pin, this device can handle over-voltage protection up to 28V. The over voltage lock-out feature ensures that if there is a fault.

DS1814AR-10+T&R : Voltage Detectors / Monitors 3.3/5V MicroMonitor. s: Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated Products ; RoHS:  Details ; Undervoltage Threshold: 4.25 V ; Overvoltage Threshold: 4.5 V ; Output Type: Active Low, Push-Pull ; Power-Up Reset Delay (Typ): 280 ms ; Supply Voltage (Max): 5.5 V ; Supply Voltage (Min): 1 V ; Supply Current (Typ): 15 uA ; Operating.

199D684X9035A2B1E3 : 0.68µF Tantalum Capacitor Radial 35V; CAP TANT 0.68UF 35V 10% RADIAL. s: Capacitance: 0.68µF ; Voltage - Rated: 35V ; Tolerance: ±10% ; : General Purpose ; Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C ; Lead Spacing: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): - ; Lifetime @ Temp.: - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Type: Conformal Coated ; Package.

SRR1260-100M : Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 10µH 5.5A 0.492" L x 0.492" W x 0.236" H (12.50mm x 12.50mm x 6.00mm) Ferrite Core; INDUCTOR POWER 10UH 5.5A SMD. s: Inductance: 10µH ; Tolerance: ±20% ; Package / Case: 0.492" L x 0.492" W x 0.236" H (12.50mm x 12.50mm x 6.00mm) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: Ferrite Core ; Current: 5.5A ; Mounting Type: Surface.

D38999/26WJ7SD : Aluminum, Olive Drab Cadmium Plated Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular Connectors, Interconnect Plug, Female Sockets; CONN PLUG 99POS STRAIGHT W/SCKT. s: Connector Type: Plug, Female Sockets ; Shell Size - Insert: 25-7 ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Fastening Type: Threaded ; : Shielded ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions: 99 ; Termination:.

D38999/24SC35PN : Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Panel Mount, Bulkhead - Front Side Nut Circular Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle, Male Pins; CONN RCPT 22POS JAM NUT W/PINS. s: Connector Type: Receptacle, Male Pins ; Shell Size - Insert: 13-35 ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Bulkhead - Front Side Nut ; Fastening Type: Threaded ; : - ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions:.

EXB-24V5R6JX : Resistor 5.6 Ohm 62.5mW 2 Resistors[number of pins] Pin Networks, Arrays; RES ARRAY 5.6 OHM 2 RES 0404. s: Resistance (Ohms): 5.6 ; Tolerance: ±5% ; Power Per Element: 62.5mW ; Circuit Type: Isolated ; Number of Pins: 4 ; Packaging: Digi-Reel® ; Number of Resistors: 2 ; Package / Case: 0404 (1010 Metric), Convex ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Temperature.

0805F1000100FCB : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 100 V, C0G, 0.00001 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0805. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 1.00E-5 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 1 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 100 volts ; Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/°C ; Mounting Style: Surface.


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