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TE Connectivity's Low Insertion Force (LIF) 250 FASTON receptacle terminal with 2D crimp technology is designed for a range of quick disconnect applications. The LIF 250 FASTON receptacle requires less than 6 lbs of insertion force while still providing excellent retention force when used with 0.250 x 0.032 in. FASTON tab. Utilizing TE Connectivity's 2D crimp technology, the LIF 250 FASTON uses one terminal in a single, adjustable applicator to accommodate wire sizes from 22 to 12 AWG while still providing electrical and mechanical properties comparable to those of the traditional F crimp. In comparison, the F crimp requires 3 to 4 terminals, with each terminal requiring its own applicator to address the same range of wire sizes.Features Insertion force is 6 lbs or less when used with 0.250 x 0.32 in FASTON tab, easing assemblyOne terminal covers many wire sizes, potentially reducing design-in, procurement, and inventory costOnly a single applicator is required, reducing applicator cost and set-up timeWith only minor setting changes required to accommodate the different wire sizes, applicator efficiency can be improvedUL recognized, file E66717110º max. operating temperatureMaterial: Tin plated brassAssociated Products

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Features, Applications

1. INTRODUCTION This specification covers the requirements for application of 2D crimp receptacles for wire-to-wire applications. Receptacle features a wire barrel with a lip that, when crimped, wraps around and captures the wire. The wire barrel form the "2D" crimp which provides reliable electrical and mechanical performance. The 2D wire barrel also features serrations that help retain the wire to the receptacle after crimping. The receptacles accept a mating tab with a width of.250 inch [6.3 mm] with a thicknesses of.032 inch [0.81 mm]; Receptacle features a round detent that, when mated, engages the mating tab to provide the required retention force. The receptacle is available in reeled form for terminating with automatic and semi-automatic machines. When corresponding with TE Connectivity Personnel, use the terminology provided in this specification to facilitate your inquiries for information. Basic terms and features of this product are provided.

Insulation barrel Serrated barrel Mating area 2D wire

2. REFERENCE MATERIAL 2.1. Customer Assistance Product and tooling information can be obtained through a local TE Representative, by visiting our website at, or by calling PRODUCT INFORMATION or the TOOLING ASSISTANCE CENTER at the numbers at the bottom of page 1.

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Customer Drawings for product part numbers are available from the service network. If there is a conflict between the information contained in the Customer Drawings and this specification or with any other technical documentation supplied, call PRODUCT INFORMATION at the number at the bottom of page 1. 2.3. Specifications Product Specification provides product performance requirements. Document 108-106199 2D Crimp

2.4. Instructional Material The following available Instruction Sheets (408-series) are customer documents that provide application tooling information. 408-10390 Instruction Sheet for Ocean End-Feed Applicators

3. REQUIREMENTS 3.1. Safety Do not stack product shipping containers so high that the containers buckle or deform. 3.2. Storage A. Ultraviolet Light Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light may deteriorate the chemical composition used in the receptacle material. B. Shelf Life The receptacles should remain in the shipping containers until ready for use to prevent deformation. The receptacles should be used on a first in, first out basis to avoid storage contamination that could adversely affect performance. C. Chemical Exposure Do not store receptacles near any chemical listed below as they may cause stress corrosion cracking. Alkalies Amines Ammonia Citrates Carbonates Phosphates Citrates Nitrites Sulfur Compounds

Check Item Specified Requirements Inch (0.2-0.7).028 (0.7) Max. 5° Max.
Check Item Bend ­ Down Twist Roll
Specified Requirements 5°Max. Wire end must protrude from front end of wire Max.016 (0.4) Max.
Insulation Stripping Length Cut-Off Tab Length Rear Bellmouth Length
Wire size Wire barrel Crimp Insulation Barrel width Width inch (mm)

1 2 allowed total dia.197 inch (5mm) 2 allowed total inch(4.7mm) 2 allowed total dia. inch(4.4mm) 2 allowed total


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TE Connectivity's Low Insertion Force (LIF) 250 FASTON receptacle terminal with 2D crimp technology is designed for a range of quick disconnect applications. The LIF 250 FASTON receptacle requires less

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