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TitleThe BGT24MR2 is a silicon germanium MMIC accommodating two separate homodyne quadrature downconversion chains, operating from 24.00 to 26.00GHz. LO buffer amplifiers are included to relax LO drive requirements and individual LNAs provide low noise fi
DescriptionThe BGT24MR2 is a silicon germanium MMIC accommodating two separate homodyne quadrature downconversion chains, operating from 24.00 to 26.00GHz. LO buffer amplifiers are included to relax LO drive requirements and individual LNAs provide low noise figures. RC polyphase filters (PPF) are used for LO quadrature phase generation. The circuit is manufactured in a 0.18μm SiGe:C technology offering a cutoff frequency of 200GHz. The MMIC is packaged in a 32 pin leadless RoHs compliant VQFN package.
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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BGT24MTR12 Silicon Germanium 24 GHz Transceiver MMIC Revision History: 2014-07-15, Revision 3.2 Previous Revision: 2014-03-25, Revision 3.1 Page 24 Subjects (major changes since last revision) update recommended footprint drawing (change of ground plains)

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