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TitleAttenuators 50-6000MHz 2 bit 18dB range 6dB step
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Product CategoryAttenuators
Maximum Attenuation18 dB
Maximum Frequency6 GHz
Number of Bits2 bit
Number of Channels1 Channel
Impedance50 Ohms
Attenuator Step Size6 dB
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Insertion Loss0.8 dB
Minimum Frequency50 MHz
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Operating Supply Voltage2.7 V to 5.5 V
Factory Pack Quantity100
TypeDigital Step Attenuator
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Features, Applications

The a 2-bit digital step attenuator (DSA) that features high linearity over the entire 18dB gain control range in 6dB steps. The QPC3213 uses a parallel control interface and has a low insertion loss at 2GHz. The patented circuit architecture provides overshoot-free transient switching performance using a single to +5V power supply. The QPC3213 is available in an industry standard 12 pad 3mmx3mm QFN package that is lead-free and RoHScompliant

Frequency Range 2-Bit, 18dB Range, 6dB Step Overshoot-free Transient Switching Performance High Linearity, Input IP3>+55dBm Parallel Control Interface Fast Switching Speed, 80nsec Typical

Single Supply to +5V Operation 1.8V Logic Compatible RF Pins Have No DC Voltage, Can be DC Grounded Externally Patented Circuit Architecture Power-up Default Setting Is Maximum Attenuation

2G through 4G Base Stations Point-to-Point Wi-Fi Test Equipment
25 pieces sample bag 100 pieces a 7" reel 2500 pieces a 7" reel 506000MHz PCBA w/5-pc. sample bag
Data Sheet Sept. 2016 | Subject to change without notice
Storage Temperature Supply Voltage (VDD) All Other DC and Logic Pins (Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage (VDD) Case Temperature Operating Junction Temp.
Input Power (RFIN Pin, +85C Case Temp.) Input Power (RFOUT Pin, +85C Case Temp.)

Electrical specifications are measured at specified test conditions. Specifications are not guaranteed over all recommended operating conditions.

Exceeding any one or a combination of the Absolute Maximum Rating conditions may cause permanent damage to the device. Extended application of Absolute Maximum Rating conditions to the device may reduce device reliability.

Frequency Range Insertion Loss Attenuation Range Attenuation Step Attenuation Accuracy Input IP3 Input P0.1dB RF Input Power at RFIN Pin RF Input Power at RFOUT Pin Return Loss Input and Output Impedance Switching Speed Supply Current, IDD Thermal Resistance 50% CTL 10%/90% RF Steady state operation, current draw during attenuation state transitions is higher. At maximum attenuation state with RF power applied to the RFIN pin Continuous operation at +85C case temperature Continuous operation at +85C case temperature MHz, 0dB Attenuation Setting 0.25dB step size

Notes: 1. Test conditions unless otherwise noted: VDD=+5V, Temp= Freq.=2000MHz, 50 system,
Low State Input Voltage High State Input Voltage
Notes: 1. Test conditions unless otherwise noted: VDD=+5V, Temp= Freq.=2000MHz, 50 system,
Data Sheet Sept. 2016 | Subject to change without notice

Major State Absolute Attenuation Error vs Frequency
Data Sheet Sept. 2016 | Subject to change without notice


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