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2:1 Wide Input Range Regulated Converter 2W In Compact SMD Package To +85C Operating Temperature @ Full Load high 3kVDC/1 Second (1kVAC/1 Minute) Basic Isolation Continuous Short Circuit Protection IEC/EN62368-1 Certified (CB Scheme)

The a 2W, open-frame, SMD, isolated DC/DC converter with 2:1 input voltage range. It is available with 24V (18-36V) inputs and offers a single 5V output which is short circuit protected. The output is tightly regulated with less than 50mV output ripple. There is no minimum load requirement. The operating temperature to 100C (with derating). Isolation is 3kVDC/1kVAC (Basic Isolation) and a control pin is fitted as standard. The converter is IEC/EN62368-1 certified and is 10/10 RoHS-conform. Class B EMC conformity can be reached with a simple external LC filter.

Part Number RTC2-0505SRW RTC2-2405SRW nom. Input Output Efficiency max. Capacitive Voltage VoltageCurrent typ. (1)Load (2) [VDC] [VDC][mA] [F]

Notes: Note1: Efficiency is tested at nominal input and full load at +25C ambient. Note2: Max. cap. load is tested at minimum input and full resistive load.

Notes: Note3: without suffix, standard tray packaging add suffix ,,-R" for Tape and Reel packaging Ordering Examples:

= nom.Vin=5VDC, nom. Vout= 5VDC, standard 3kVDC/1 second isolation, tray packaging = nom.Vin= 24DC, nom. Vout= 5VDC, standard 3kVDC/1 second isolation, tape and reel packaging

Specifications (measured @ ta= 25C, nominal Vin, full load and after warm up unless otherwise specified)

Internal Input Filter Input Voltage Range Input Surge Voltage Quiescent Current 5VDC nom. Vin= 24VDC 100ms max. nom. Vin= nom. Vin= 40mA 3mA

Start-up time Rise Time Hold-up Time Internal Operating Frequency Minimum Load Output Ripple and Noise (4) ON/OFF CTRL Input Current of CTRL Pin Standby Current Notes: Note4: Measurements are made with a 0.1F MLCC across output. (low ESR) 20MHz BW DC-DC ON DC-DC OFF nom Vin= 0.75mA 1.5mA nom Vin= 0% 50mVp-p Open 0.0V<Vr<0.8VDC 2V<Vr<6VDC

Output Accuracy Line Regulation Load Regulation low line to high line, full load to 100% load

Short Circuit Protection (SCP) Isolation Voltage Isolation Resistance Isolation Capacitance Insulation Grade I/P to O/P

continuous, auto recovery (7) 1G min. 25pF typ. basic

Notes: Note5: An input fuse is required if the main supply is not over-current protected. Recommended fuse: T2A slow blow type Note6: An external input filter capacitor is required if the model has to meet EN6100-4-4 and EN61000-4-5 Recom suggested: Nippon chemi-con KY Series, 220F/100V ESR 48mW Note7: Customers are allowed to test once with 1kVAC/1 minute in their production. Thereafter the test voltage and time must be reduced for any repeat testing

Operating Temperature Range Temperature Coefficient Operating Altitude Operating Humidity Pollution Degree Vibration MTBF according to MIL-HDBK-217F, G.B. +25C non-condensing


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