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STMicroelectronics' automotive grade SiC diodes are high-performance power Schottky rectifiers that feature a silicon carbide substrate. This wide bandgap material enables the design of high voltage Schottky diodes, and ST offers automotive grade 650 V rectifiers. They present negligible reverse recovery at turn-off and minimal capacitive turn-off behavior which is independent of temperature. They also offer higher power integration, are suitable for all industrial power and high power converter applications, and are perfect for all high-efficiency SMPS (CCM/hard-switching). The SiC diodes also allow for driving farther using less fuel, which is an added value for car makers.

CompanyST Microelectronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Automotive 650 V power Schottky silicon carbide diode

The SiC diode is an ultra high performance power Schottky diode. It is manufactured using a silicon carbide substrate. The wide band gap material allows the design of a Schottky diode structure with 650 V rating. Due to the Schottky construction, no recovery is shown at turn-off and ringing patterns are negligible. The minimal capacitive turn-off behavior is independent of temperature. Especially suited for use in PFC applications, this ST SiC diode will boost performance in hard switching conditions. Its high forward surge capability ensures good robustness during transient phases.

Table 1: Device summary Symbol IF(AV) VRRM Tj (max.) Value 175 C

AEC-Q101 qualified No or negligible reverse recovery Switching behavior independent of temperature Dedicated to PFC applications High forward surge capability PPAP capable ECOPACK2 compliant component

Table 2: Absolute ratings (limiting values at 25 C, unless otherwise specified) Symbol VRRM IF(RMS) IF(AV) IFRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage Forward rms current Average forward current Repetitive peak forward current Surge non repetitive forward current Storage temperature range Operating junction C(1), DC Parameter +175 C Value C A Unit

based on Rth(j-c) max. < (1/Rth(j-a)) condition to avoid thermal runaway for a diode on its own heatsink.

Table 3: Thermal parameters Value Symbol Rth(j-c) Junction to case Parameter Typ. 1.25 Max. 1.5 C/W Unit

Table 4: Static electrical characteristics Symbol IR(1) VF(2) Notes:
To evaluate the conduction losses, use the following equation: 1.35 x IF(AV) x IF2(RMS)
Table 5: Dynamic electrical characteristics Symbol QCj(1) Cj Notes:

Parameter Total capacitive charge Total capacitance = 25 C, = 1 MHz = 25 C, = 1 MHz Test conditions Typ. 480 48 Unit nC pF


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STMicroelectronics' automotive grade SiC diodes are high-performance power Schottky rectifiers that feature a silicon carbide substrate. This wide bandgap material enables the design of high voltage


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