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TitleRF Amplifier 1805-2400MHz Gn 20dB P1dB 26.4dBm
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QPA9801PCB4B01: RF Development Tools 1.8-2.4GHz .25W Eval Board


Features, Applications

The is a balanced amplifier module with embedded hybrid couplers to convert to single ended input and output ports. The module has an enable pin to allow for shutting down of the amplifier. The module requires minimal external components which are VCC choke inductors, decoupling caps and resistors for bias control. The QPA9801 provides 26 dBm P1dB with 20 dB gain and 42 dBm OIP3 across a wide frequency range of 1805-2400 MHz to cover the 3GPP Bands and 30. The linear driver amplifier is targeted for use in wireless infrastructure where high linearity, medium power and high integration is required. The balanced amplifier configuration provides very good input and output VSWR and is especially ideal as the output stage in a macrocell transceiver board that connects to the high power amplifier (HPA) board through a long cable or microstrip trace. The QPA9801 is packaged in a small 5x 5mm leadless package that is internally matched 50 on all RF ports.

18052400 MHz Balanced Amplifier with integrated 3 dB hybrids Internally Matched 50 Input / Output Shutdown Mode with 1.8V logic control 20 dB Gain +41.6 dBm OIP3 +26.4 dBm P1dB Good gain flatness across Bands

Wireless Infrastructure Macro BTS Transceivers Booster Amps, Repeaters
2,500 pieces a 13" reel (standard) 100 pieces a 7" reel - 2400MHz Evaluation Board
Data Sheet February 2017 | Subject to change without notice
Storage Temperature RF Input Power, CW, 50, T=25C Supply Voltage (VCC) Enable Voltage (Enable)
Device Voltage (VCC) Enable (High) Enable (Low) TCASE Tj for >106 hours MTTF

Exceeding any one or a combination of the Absolute Maximum Rating conditions may cause permanent damage to the device. Extended application of Absolute Maximum Rating conditions to the device may reduce device reliability.

Electrical specifications are measured at specified test conditions. Specifications are not guaranteed over all recommended operating conditions.

Operational Frequency Range Test Frequency Gain 100 MHz Gain Slope (peak to peak) 250 MHz 350 MHz 500 MHz Output IP3 Output P1dB Noise Figure Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Control Current Total Current Rise time Fall time Thermal Resistance, jc From Enable 90% RF From Disable 10% RF Module (channel to case) Pin =-7 dBm/tone, f =1 MHz +25.0 18.5

Notes: 1. Test conditions unless otherwise noted: = +5.0V, Enable Temp=+25C, 50 system.
Data Sheet February 2017 | Subject to change without notice

Printed Circuit Board Watt Balanced Amplfier Inductor, wire wound Resistor, Chip, Jumper Capacitor, Chip, 10V, X5R Capacitor, Chip, NPO, 5%, 50V, NPO/COG DNI

Data Sheet February 2017 | Subject to change without notice


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