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PartM13303 SL005
TitleCABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 100&39;

Alpha Wire’s line-up of Alpha Essentials communication and control cables gives the user maximum choice and fewer trade-offs. By offering a collection of PVC jacketing materials, shielding options, and conductor counts, the user can easily select the cable that meets their most demanding needs. All cables are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give them performance beyond a generic cable. Alpha Wire’s Alpha Essentials cables are built to perform reliably electrically, mechanically, and environmentally each and every time.

CompanyAlpha Wire
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lpha Wire's Manhattan brand has been a trusted and reliable source of cable for over 60 years. Whether you need something as simple as a power cord or a cable that can maintain audio-video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you'll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application. udio/video A Computer Thermocouple Control Plenum Coaxial Cords/cordage High temperature Security and data Instrumentation

RS-422 interfaces, point-of-sale equipment, and modems and multiplexers. For extended distances, we offer cables with very low capacitance. Instrumentation cable Maintain the integrity of analog and digital signals with our broad product portfolio of single and multiple pair shielded and unshielded products. Control cable We offer UL style in a variety of conductor counts, gauges, and shielding options, all with durable PVC/nylon insulation and PVC jackets. We also offer MIL-DTL-16878 cables with 600 V and 1000 V ratings. Plenum cable We offer a full range of cables for control, computer interconnections, security, alarms, and building energy management systems in a variety of plenum-rated insulations and jackets. Coaxial cable For a complete range 75, 93, and 100 ohm coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cables, we offer a wide range of insulations and jackets meeting the requirements of military specifications and regulatory agencies such as UL and CSA.

Cords/cordsets All our cords are UL Listed and CSA Certified; we also offer a wide range of CENELEC-approved products for international use. Options include two- and threeconductor cords, shielded or unshielded, stripped and terminated cable ends, straight or retractile cords, and all common plug and receptacle configurations. High-temperature cable Alpha Wire's Manhattan brand of high-temperature cables are available for temperatures ranging from 540C. We make it easy for you select the right cable to meet the demanding hightemperature requirements for control and power applications. Security and data Count on Alpha Wire for a complete product family of security and data cables, optimized for security video, data, and monitoring applications. Thermocouple cable You can find the perfect Manhattan brand thermocouple cable based on conductor combinations JX, KX, EX, and SX, as well as insulations suited for applications to 200C, for quality and accurate temperature measurement.

Audio/video cable Choose the correct number of conductors, gauge, insulation, shielding, jacket material, UL/CSA/ NEC approvals, and any other parameters to find the right cable for your application. Computer cable We offer the widest range of shielded and unshielded configurations to satisfy applications including traditional RS-232 and

Cable > Manhattan > Audio/Video Cable > Multiconductor > Unshielded 300 V

22 AWG (0.35 mm2) Stranding: x 0.25 mm) Insulation thickness: 0.016 (0.41 mm) Color Code J Part No. M13302 Conductors 2 Nominal Diameter Inch 0.174 4.42 Jacket Thickness Inch 0.025 0.64

Applications U nbalanced intercom and sound systems Remote circuit control Low-voltage circuits Operating Temperature to +80C (AWM) to +75C (CM, CMG) Conductor Color Coding See tables Materials S tranded tinned copper conductors PVC or semirigid PVC insulation Slate PVC jacket Availability (305 m) Bulk, cut to length

UL AWM 2464, UL CM, PVC Insulation 20 AWG (0.56 mm2) Stranding: x 0.32 mm) Insulation thickness: 0.013 (0.33 mm) Part No. M13412 M13415 Conductors Nominal Diameter Inch mm Jacket Thickness Inch mm Color Code

UL AWM 2509, UL CMG, PVC Insulation 20 AWG (0.56 mm2) Stranding: x 0.32 mm) Insulation thickness: 0.016 (0.41 mm) Color Code J Part No. M13402 Conductors 2 Nominal Diameter Inch 0.180 4.57 Jacket Thickness Inch 0.020 0.51


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Alpha Wire’s line-up of Alpha Essentials communication and control cables gives the user maximum choice and fewer trade-offs. By offering a collection of PVC jacketing materials, shielding options,

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6714 YL001 : Wire - Single Conductor 20AWG 10/30 MPPE 1000ft SPOOL YLWOW Alpha Wire introduces EcoWire ™ Hook-Up Wire that utilizes flexible mPPE Noryl insulation to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC as it contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals and is much more easily recycable. As a bonus to the safety features, the EcoWire

FIT3501/16 CL103 : Heat Shrink Tubing & Sleeves 1/16in ID SHRNK TUBN 4ft STICK CLEAR Specifications: Manufacturer: Alpha Wire ; Product Category: Heat Shrink Tubing & Sleeves ; RoHS:  Details ; Inside Diameter: 0.063 in ; Shrink Ratio: 2:1 ; Minimum Shrink Temperature: + 175 C ; Recovered Diameter: 0.031 in ; Series: FIT-350 ; Material: Kynar ; Chemical Resistant: No ; Color: T

9058A BK005 : Coaxial Cable 20AWG 1C SHIELD 100ft SPOOL BLACK Specifications: Manufacturer: Alpha Wire ; Product Category: Coaxial Cable ; RoHS:  Details ; RG Type: RG58 C / U ; Impedance: 50 Ohms ; Conductor Size: 20 ; Conductor Material: Tinned Copper ; Length: 100 ft ; Jacket Material: Polyvinyl Chloride ; Shielding: Shielded ; Packaging: Spool ; Serie

5856 BR005 : Wire - Single Conductor 20AWG 19/32 PTFE 100ft SPOOL BROWN Alpha Wire offers single conductor hookup wire in 16 - 30AWG with a 300V rating and operating temperatures from -40ºC up to 80º, 90º, and 105ºC. RoHS compliant, the stranded or solid tinned copper hookup wire has many insulation options to meet various temperature and color

6033C SL005 : Multi-Paired Cable 20AWG 3PR SHIELD 100ft SPOOL GRAY Specifications: Manufacturer: Alpha Wire ; RoHS:  Details ; Number of Pairs: 3 ; Wire Size (AWG): 20 ; Stranding: 7 x 28 ; Shielding: Shielded ; Length: 100 ft ; Outside Diameter: 8.86 mm ; Jacket Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) ; Voltage Rating: 300 V ; Plenum (Y/N): No ; Type: Communicatio

5620B2020 NC199 : WIRE Specifications: Reel Length (Imperial): - ; Reel Length (Metric): - ; LAN Category: - ; No. of Pairs: - ; Conductor Size AWG: - ; No. of Strands x Strand Size: - ; Jacket Color: - ; Jacket Material: - ; Voltage Rating: - ; External Diameter: - ; Conductor Area CSA: - ; Conductor Material: -

1851 BK001 : HOOK-UP WIRE, 1000FT, 30AWG CU BLACK Specifications: Reel Length (Imperial): 1000ft ; Reel Length (Metric): 304.8m ; Conductor Size AWG: 30AWG ; Conductor Area CSA: 0.057mm ; Jacket Color: Black ; Jacket Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) ; Voltage Rating: 600V ; External Diameter: 0.813mm ; No. of Strands x Strand Size: 7 x 38AWG ; C

6711 OR001 : Orange Single Conductor Cables, Wire 7/34 26 AWG 1000' (304.8m) Hook Up; HOOK-UP WIRE 26AWG ORANGE 1000' Specifications: Color: Orange ; Wire Gauge: 26 AWG ; Conductor Strand: 7/34 ; Voltage: 600V ; Conductors: 1 ; Jacket (Insulation) Material: Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) ; Features: UL Style 11028 ; Length: 1000' (304.8m) ; Cable Type: Hook Up ; Jacket (Insulation) Diameter: 0.038" (0.96mm) ; Jacket (In

Same catergory

2SA1015 : ASIC 0.11m - TC280 Family. Cell Delay of ND2 (FO=1) = -50 ;; Cell Delay of ND2 (FO=5) = -150 ;; Power Dissipation of ND2 (FO=1) = 70~400 ;; Leakage Current of ND2 (Vdd=1.5V) = -6 ;; Threshold Voltage = TO-92 ;; Additional Information =  .

AT45DB081B-CC : -. 100% Compatible to AT45DB081 and AT45DB081A Single - 3.6V Supply Serial Interface Architecture Page Program Operation Single Cycle Reprogram (Erase and Program) 4096 Pages (264 Bytes/Page) Main Memory Optional Page and Block Erase Operations Two 264-byte SRAM Data Buffers Allows Receiving of Data while Reprogramming of Nonvolatile Memory Continuous.

KF3003-GL50A : Printheads. KF3003-GL50A is developing type of GL40 series which are developed mainly for label printers. We have adopted low coefficient of abrasion and conductive protection coat to GL40 series which are possible for high speed and good printing quality. That is KF3003-GL50A which is 24V standard thick film thermal print head with high speed, high quality of printing,.

NTE2359 : Silicon Complementary Transistors Digital W/2 Built-in 47k Bias Resistors.

STD45NF75 : Low Voltage. N-channel 75V - 0.018 Ohm -40A Dpak StripFET ii Power MOSFET.

VLB10-12S : . The ASI VLB10-12S is Designed for 12.5 V, Large Signal Class C Amplifier Applications to 50 MHz. Common Emitter 10 W/50 MHz OmnigoldTM Metalization System IC VCBO VCES VEBO PDISS TJ TSTG C 5.0 C/W .

MAX9913 : 200khz, 4a, Rail-to-rail I/O Op Amps with Shutdown. The single MAX9910/MAX9911 and dual MAX9912/ MAX9913 operational amplifiers (op amps) feature a maximized ratio of gain bandwidth (GBW) to supply current and are ideal for battery-powered applications such as portable instrumentation, portable medical equipment, and wireless handsets. These CMOS op amps feature an ultra-low input-bias current of 1pA,.

HD6809 : MCU (micro Processing Unit).

SMP11 : Surface Mount Transzorb Transient Voltage Suppressors. Surface Mount TRANSZORB Transient Voltage Suppressors Very low profile - typical height of 1.0 mm Ideal for automated placement Available in uni-directional 400 W peak pulse power capability with 10/1000 s waveform Excellent clamping capability Very fast response time Low incremental surge resistance Meets MSL level 1, per J-STD-020 Solder dip 260 C, 40 s Component.

LM4961LQBD : Eval Board - Audio Amplifier Programmers, Development System; BOARD EVALUATION LM4961LQ. s: Amplifier Type: Class AB ; Board Type: Fully Populated ; Max Output Power x Channels @ Load: - ; Output Type: 1-Channel (Mono) ; Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 85C ; Voltage - Supply: 2.7 V ~ 9 V ; Utilized IC / Part: LM4961 ; Supplied Contents: Board ; Lead.

MLG1005S5N1ST : RF Inductors 0402 5.1nH 0.3nH. s: Manufacturer: TDK ; Product Category: RF Inductors ; RoHS:  Details ; Inductance: 5.1 nH ; Tolerance: 0.3 nH ; Maximum DC Current: 600 mAmps ; Maximum DC Resistance: 0.13 Ohms ; Self Resonant Frequency: 5 MHz ; Q Minimum: 8 ; Operating Temperature Range: - 55 C to + 125 C ; Termination Style: SMD/SMT ; Package.

M83723/82R1404NLC : Aluminum, Nickel Plated, Electroless Panel Mount, Flange Circular - Housing Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle for Female Contacts; CONN HSG RCPT 4POS WALL MT SCKT. s: : - ; Packaging: Bulk ; Connector Type: Receptacle for Female Contacts ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Flange ; Shell Size - Insert: 14-4 ; Contact Type: Crimp ; Fastening Type: Threaded.

74LVC2G02DC,125 : Logic - Gate And Inverter Integrated Circuit (ics) NOR Gate Tape & Reel (TR) 32mA, 32mA 1.65 V ~ 5.5 V; IC DUAL 2-IN NOR GATE 8VSSOP. s: Number of Circuits: 2 ; Package / Case: 8-VFSOP (0.091", 2.30mm Width) ; Logic Type: NOR Gate ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Number of Inputs: 2 ; Current - Output High, Low:.

EMIF08-1005M16 : Rc Network - Resistor & Capacitor Filter; IC EMI FILTER 8LINE 16-MICRO QFN. s: Resistance (Ohms): 100 ; Capacitance: 45pF ; Power (Watts): - ; Tolerance: 10% ; Package / Case: 16-UFDFN Exposed Pad ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

D38999/20KD35PN : Stainless Steel, Passivated Panel Mount, Flange Circular Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle, Male Pins; CONN RCPT 37POS WALL MNT W/PINS. s: Connector Type: Receptacle, Male Pins ; Shell Size - Insert: 15-35 ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount, Flange ; Fastening Type: Threaded ; : - ; Packaging: Bulk ; Number of Positions: 37 ; Termination: Crimp ; Shell.

10017288-172H : Gold Through Hole Board To Board - Board Spacers, Stacker Connectors, Interconnect Through Hole; CONN STACKER 72POS 0.100" T/H. s: Color: Black ; Length - Post (Mating): 0.210" (5.34mm) ; Length - Stack Height: 0.961" (24.41mm) ; Length - Tail: 0.160" (4.06mm) ; Length - Overall: 1.331" (33.81mm) ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Number of Positions:.

OSTTV083150 : Through Hole Terminal Block - Wire To Board Connectors, Interconnect Through Hole; TERM BLOCK RISING CLAMP 8POS. s: Color: Green ; Current: 10A ; : - ; Mating Orientation: Angled ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Pitch: 0.150" (3.81mm) ; Voltage: 300V ; Wire Gauge: 16-28 AWG ; Number of Levels: 1 ; Positions Per Level: 8 ; Packaging: Bulk ; Operating.

22_H4-50-0-1/133_NE : PANEL MOUNT, FEMALE, RF CONNECTOR, SOLDER, JACK. s: Gender: Female ; Mounting Style: 4-hole ; Impedance: 50-Ohm ; Frequency: 0.300 GHz.

UJ2600001 : Standard Clock Oscillators 26 MHz, 1.8V 25 ppm, Clipped Sin. Pericom Standard Crystal Oscillators (XO) feature low-jitter and tight stability with quartz crystal resonator and leading-edge clock IC technologies. The Oscillators are available with CMOS/TTL, LVPECL, or LVDS output logic. These XO have an overall accuracy of 20ppm and are ideal for a variety.

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