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Infineon Technologies' BTS7008-2EPA is a 12 V, smart, high-side power switch. It is in Infineon’s PROFET+2 family of single-, dual-, and quad-channel protected high-side power switches (8 mΩ to 200 mΩ). The switches provide state of the art diagnostics and protection features. The family offers benchmark form factor, the lowest RDS(ON) (2 mΩ x 8 mΩ) and smallest package (PG-TSDSO-14) pin pitch 0.65 mm. The whole family is compatible with the hardest reverse battery requirement on the market with ReverSave™. The family offers outstanding energy efficiency with reduced current consumption, state of the art current sense accuracy (KILIS), benchmark low cranking voltage capability, and faster switching / slew rate with no impact on EMC.

CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Features, Applications

Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads Replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits Driving capability suitable for 7.5 A loads and high inrush current loads such 65W / Xenon 65W lamps or LED equivalent

Overview Basic Features High Side Switch with Diagnosis and Embedded Protection Part PROFETTM+2 12V Family ReverSaveTM for low power dissipation in Reverse Polarity Green Product (RoHS compliant) Qualified in accordance with AEC Q100 grade 1

Protection Features Absolute and dynamic temperature limitation with controlled restart Over Current protection (tripping) with Intelligent Restart Control Under Voltage shutdown Over Voltage Protection with external components

Diagnostic Features Proportional load current sense Open Load in ON and OFF state Short circuit to ground and battery

Description The is a Smart High-Side Power Switch 8 m Dual channel, providing protection functions and diagnosis. The device is integrated in SMART7 technology. Table 1 Parameter Minimum Operating voltage (at switch ON) Minimum Operating voltage (cranking) Maximum Operating voltage Minimum overvoltage protection 25 C Maximum current in Sleep mode (TJ 85 C) Maximum operative current Maximum ON-state resistance (TJ = 150 C) Nominal load current (TA = 85 C) Typical current sense ratio IL = IL(NOM) Product Summary Symbol VS(OP) VS(UV) VS VDS(CLAMP) IVS(SLEEP) IGND(ACTIVE) RDS(ON) IL(NOM) kILIS Values A 5500

Supply Voltage Supervision Over Voltage Protection Internal Power Supply Intelligent Restart Control IS SENSE output Channel 1 Channel 0 Voltage Sensor T

IN 1 DEN DSEL Internal Reverse Polarity Protection GND circuitry ESD Protection + Input logic

Voltage Sensor Over Voltage Temperature Over Clamping Over Voltage Gate Control Temperature Clamping + Over Current driver Gate Control Chargepump Protection Over Current logic + driver Protection Chargepump ReverSave TM logic InverseON ReverSave TM InverseON Load Current Sense Load Current Sense Output Voltage Limitation Output Voltage Limitation


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