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158216-0220-HF625/16-D-3: CABLE 16POS SOCKET TO SOCKET 3"
158216-0220-HF625/16-D-6: CABLE 16POS SOCKET TO SOCKET 6"


Features, Applications

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH). Insulation Advantages of LSZH insulation are the low smoke (IEC 61034-2:2005), and low toxicity of combustion gases (NF X 70-100-2:2006), reducing the risk to firefighters, and reducing the soot and corrosion damage to nearby equipment Broad operating temperature range from 105C 28 AWG stranded conductors on 1mm pitch permits mass terminations to a broad line of metric IDC connectors Zippable for branching or discrete terminations S ee the Regulatory Information Appendix (RIA) in the "RoHS compliance" section of for compliance information (RIA & C1 apply)

Material: Halogen Free Polyolefin (PO) Color: Dark Gray

Canada: 150V EU: <50V Voltage Rating: USA: 300V 10 Insulation Resistance: ft ] Balanced Characteristic Impedance: Unbalanced 85 144

Capacitance: Inductance: Propagation Delay: Velocity of Propagation:

Note: Unbalanced is measured between ground-signal-ground conductors.Balanced is measured between conductors within a pair.

Halogen Free is defined as both 1) no halogen compounds that are intentionally added to the product or used in the manufacturing process for the product and 2) any impurities present are less than 900 ppm bromine, less than 900 ppm chlorine and/or less than 1500ppm total bromine and chlorine. The latter are the levels set forth in certain industry standards for printed circuit boards, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61249-2-21 standard. This information represents 3M's knowledge and belief which may be based in whole or in part on information provided by 3rd party suppliers to 3M.

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Notes: 1. Blue marking on one edge of cable designates wire #1.

Blank = Standard SF = Splice Free Note: Available in standard 30 m and 100 m rolls, please specifiy when ordering. Contact 3M for availability of additional conductor counts and/or custom roll lengths.

is a trademark of 3M Company. For technical, sales or ordering information call 800-225-5373

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