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TitleAttenuators attenuator

Analog Devices HMC939A is designed as a 5-bit broadband GaAs IC digital attenuator MMIC chip. Operating from 0.1 to 40GHz, the HMC939A has a typical insertion loss of less than 5dB. The device features attenuator bit values of 1.0 (LSB), 2, 4, 8, 16 for a total attenuation of 31dB. HMC939A achieves excellent attenuation accuracy at less than ±1.0dB typical step error and an IIP3 of +43dBm. HMC939As five control voltage inputs, which can toggle between +5V and 0V, are select each attenuation state.

CompanyAnalog Devices
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Maximum Attenuation31 dB
Maximum Frequency33 GHz
Number of Bits5 bit
Number of Channels1 Channel
Impedance50 Ohms
Maximum VSWR-
Attenuator Step Size1 dB
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
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The HMC939ALP4E is ideal for: Fiber Optics & Broadband Telecom Microwave Radio & VSAT Military Radios, Radar & ECM Space Applications Sensors Test & Measurement Equipment


1.0 dB LSB Steps 31 dB Single Positive Control Line Per Bit ±1.0 dB Typical Bit Error High Input IP3: +43 dBm 16mm2 Leadless SMT Plastic Package

The HMC939ALP4E is broadband 5-bit GaAs IC digital attenuator in low cost leadless surface mount packages. Covering to 33.0 GHz, the insertion loss is less than 5 dB typical. The attenuator bit values are 1.0 (LSB), for a total attenuation of 31 dB. Attenuation accuracy is excellent ±0.4 dB typical step error with of +43 dBm. Five control voltage inputs, toggled between +5V and 0V, are used to select each attenuation state.

Input Power for 0.1 dB Compression Input Third Order Intercept Point (Two-Tone Input Power= 8 dBm Each Tone) Switching Characteristics

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Data Sheet 1.0 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 5-Bit Digital Attenuator, - 33 GHz Data Sheet
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Analog Devices HMC939A is designed as a 5-bit broadband GaAs IC digital attenuator MMIC chip. Operating from 0.1 to 40GHz, the HMC939A has a typical insertion loss of less than 5dB. The device features


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