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TitleNetworking Development Tools NCN5130 REV 10 EVB
CompanyON Semiconductor
DatasheetDownload NCN513010GEVB datasheet
Product CategoryNetworking Development Tools
ManufacturerON Semiconductor
ProductEvaluation Boards
TypeKNX Transceiver
Tool Is For Evaluation OfNCN5130
Data Rate9.6 kb/s
Operating Supply Voltage3.3 V
BrandON Semiconductor
Description/FunctionEvaluation board for NCN5130
Interface TypeSPI, UART
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Factory Pack Quantity5
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Features, Applications

Converter to Drive External Loads Monitoring of Power Regulators No Additional Power Supply Required Buffering of Sent Data Frames (Extended Frames Supported) Selectable UART or SPI Interface to Host Controller Selectable UART and SPI Baud Rate to Host Controller Optional CRC on UART to the Host Optional MARKER Character to the Host Optional Direct Coupling of RxD and TxD to Host (Analog Mode) Auto Polling (Optional) Temperature Monitoring Operating Temperature Range to +105°C

The NCN51XX10GEVB Evaluation Board is the ideal solution for developing your KNX application with an ON Semiconductor KNX transceiver. The evaluation board contains the KNX transceiver which handles the transmission and reception of data on the bus. It will also generate all necessary voltages to power the board and external loads. The NCN51XX10GEVB Evaluation Board assures safe coupling to and decoupling from the KNX bus. Bus monitoring warns the external microcontroller for loss of power so that critical data can be stored in time.


9,600 baud KNX Communication Speed Supervision of KNX Bus Voltage High Efficient 21 V Selectable DC-DC

The NCN51XX10GEVB provides an evaluation board for ON Semiconductor KNX transceivers that can be easily connected to a prototype design. Table 1 lists the available connectors on this board.

Connector J2 J1 Description KNX Bus Connection Interface Connector Interface Connector (alternate)

Operating ranges define the limits for functional operation and parametric characteristics of the evaluation board. Note that the functionality of the evaluation board

Symbol VBUS VDIG VANA V20V Ta Parameter Voltage on positive pin of J4 (Note 1)

outside these operating ranges is not guaranteed. Operating outside the recommended operating ranges for extended periods of time may affect device reliability.

Voltage on J1 (Pins and J2 (Pins Output Voltage on J1 (Pin or J2 (Pin 5) Output Voltage on J1 (Pin or J2 (Pin 23) Output Voltage on J1 (Pin or J2 (Pin 1) (Note 2) Output Voltage on J1 (Pin or J2 (Pin 3) Ambient Temperature

1. Voltage indicates DC value. With equalization and active pulse, bus voltage must be between 11 V and V 2. See Adjustable DC*DC Converter page 7 for the limitations!


All components (except D1 and D4) as close as possible U1. D1 and D4 as close as possible to J4.

CE Logo (metal layer, 5mm) ON Logo (silkscreen, 5,5mm) ESD Logo (silkscreen, 4mm) Pb-Free Logo (metal layer, 5,5mm) Garbage Logo (metal layer, 5,5mm) Next text on bottom copper layer: NCN51XX_V10_REV2 Next text on top silkscreen: NCN51xx Evaluation Board 2


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