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TitleSIDACTOR 6V 2500A DO-214AB
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P0300S3NLRP: SIDACTOR 30V 2500A DO-214AB


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SIDACtor Series DO-214AB (Surface Mount) package are designed to protect low data rate interface and outdoor data interface such RS-423 in industrial market. They provide a surface mount solution that enables equipment to comply with global regulatory standards. The component's switching threshold Vs and on-state voltage VT are much lower than traditional Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) technology. Features and Benefits Low voltage overshoot Low on-state voltage Agency Approvals

Fast response in microseconds 2nd level interconnect is Pb-free per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609A.01

Component properties do not degrade after multiple surge events within its limits Fails short circuit when surged in excess of ratings Applicable Global Standards

Notes: - Absolute maximum ratings measured at TA= 25C (unless otherwise noted). - Components are bi-directional (unless otherwise noted).

1 Current waveform s 2 Voltage waveform s - Peak pulse current rating (IPP) is repetitive and guaranteed for the life of the product. - IPP ratings applicable over temperature range +85C - The device must initially be in thermal equilibrium with < +150C

2016 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 05/24/16

Package DO-214AB Symbol TS R0JA Parameter Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Thermal Resistance: Junction to Ambient Value +150 75 Unit C C/W

tr = rise time to peak value td = decay time to half value

- Temperature Max (Ts(max)) - Time (Min to Max) (ts)

Pb-Free assembly (see Fig. +200C 60-180 secs. 3C/sec. Max. 3C/sec. Max. +217C 60-150 secs. +260(+0/-5)C 30 secs. Max. 6C/sec. Max. 8 min. Max. +260C

Average ramp up rate (Liquidus Temp (TL) to peak)

Peak Temp (TP) Time within 5C of actual Peak Temp (tp) Ramp-down Rate Time 25C to Peak Temp (TP) Do not exceed

Lead Material Terminal Finish Body Material Copper Alloy 100% Matte-Tin Plated

High Temp Voltage Blocking 80% Rated VDRM (VAC Peak or 1008 hrs. MIL-STD-750 (Method 1040) JEDEC, +150C, 15 min. dwell, to 100 cycles. MIL-STD-750 (Method 1051) EIA/JEDEC, JESD22-A104 52 VDC to 1008 hrs. EIA/ JEDEC, +150C 1008 hrs. MIL-STD-750 (Method 1031) JEDEC, -65C, 1008 hrs. +100C, 5 min. dwell, 10 sec. transfer, 10 cycles. MIL-STD-750 (Method 1056) JEDEC, to 168 hrs. EIA/ JEDEC, +260C, 30 secs. MIL-STD-750 (Method +85C, 168 hrs., 3 reflow cycles (+260C Peak). JEDEC-J-STD-020, Level 1

Biased Temp & Humidity High Temp Storage Low Temp Storage Thermal Shock Autoclave (Pressure Cooker Test) Resistance to Solder Heat Moisture Sensitivity Level



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