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TitleWirewound Resistors - Through Hole 2Ohms 5W 1% WW Axial

Johanson Dielectrics RWH High Power Wirewound Resistors offer excellent pulse handling, low TCR ( 20ppm/ C Standard), and resistance from 0.02 to 260k. The RWH series also features resistance tolerances to 0.01% and MIL-R-26 / MIL-R-39007 power ratings. Non-Inductive Windings are available. Applications include HDVC systems, power supplies, braking systems, and fluid heaters.

CompanyJohanson Dielectrics Inc
DatasheetDownload RWHSE09TQ002R0FS datasheet
Termination StyleAxial
Resistance2 Ohms
Power Rating5 W
Tolerance1 %
Temperature Coefficient50 PPM / C
Operating Temperature Range- 55 C to + 250 C
Diameter5.54 mm
Length12.7 mm
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Features, Applications
Resistor Wirewound High Power Rating RWH Series

Excellent Pulse Handling Resistance Tolerances 0.01% Resistance from / MIL-R-39007 Power Ratings Low TCR: 20ppm/ C Standard Non-Inductive Windings available

HDVC Systems Braking Systems Power Supplies Fluid Heater

PRODUCT SERIES (RWH) POWER RATING (W) DIELECTRIC STRENGTH 500 VAC: E06 1000 VAC: All Others 500 VAC: F07 1000 VAC: All Others 10% (1% Standard) <1 : Call Factory Characteristic + 275C Characteristic + 350C TOLERANCE TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE

= 3.8M Letter denotes decimal place. R = decimal.,"K" 103,"M" 106 Remaining 4 digits are significant or placeholders.

Example P/N: RWHSE02TU003K8FS is Resistor Wirewound High Power, Standard, 3.8K, 1.0%, bulk * For Tin/Lead coated leads, add Pb" to part number

/ MIL-R-39007 Package Code Max Resistance 1 Max Working Voltage (V) Power Rating (W)

Package Code Max Resistance 1 Max Working Voltage (V) Power Rating (W) 0.062" [1.57mm] Dimensions Inches [mm] / MIL-R-39007 Package Code Max Resistance 1 Max Working Voltage (V) Power Rating (W) 0.062" [1.57mm] Dimensions Inches [mm] / MIL-R-39007 Package Code Max Resistance 1 Max Working Voltage (V) Power Rating (W) 0.062" [1.57mm] Dimensions Inches [mm] / MIL-R-39007


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Johanson Dielectrics RWH High Power Wirewound Resistors offer excellent pulse handling, low TCR ( 20ppm/ C Standard), and resistance from 0.02 to 260k. The RWH series also features resistance

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