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Battery tracking protection Programmable tracking Protection
B61089QDR, d ual port negative voltage tracking SLIC protector

This component is designed to protect two different SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface Card) tip/ring pairs with independent voltage tracking for each pair. This B61089QDR will protect the SLIC interface against lightning induced surge and power fault events. It contains fast switching crowbarring structures for negative events and a simple fast switching diode structure for positive events. It is compatible with the Basic Levels of ITU K.20, K.21, and K.45. For compliance with the Enhanced Levels of ITU, TIA GR-1089, an additional series resistor in the tip and ring leads may be required. Agency Approvals

The SLIC chipset voltage reference may change as the on-hook/off-hook line condition changes. Therefore, this component is referenced to the - VBAT so that its negative protection threshold follows this changing reference voltage level. This B610989QDR utilizes a transistor gain network so that a low 5 mA current level will activate the thyristor based portion of this protector component during negative events. This also allows an easier turn on during slow rising power fault events. For all positive disturbances, the fast switching diode connected to earth reference will provide the needed protection. Features Dual port negative voltage tracking programmable component High holding current 150 mA min Specified 2/10 limiting voltage Integrated diodes for positive surge protection ESD Immunity(HBM): JESD22 Class 3B, 8KV MSL: Level 1 - unlimited RoHS compliant and lead-free

Description Connect to subscriber lines (Tip/Ring) Connect to battery (Reference Voltage) Connect to ground (earth)

Supports battery voltages down to -170V Low gate triggering current 5 mA max Fails in a short circuit condition when it is surged in excess of its ratings to protect all downstream equipment Surge capability does not degrade after multiple surge events within its ratings Applications Wireless In the Local Loop (WLL) Voice applications which require regenerated POTS VoIP applications PBX

FXS applications Digital Pair Gain systems (DPG) and Digital Loop Carrier systems (DLC) Small Office Home Office (SOHO)

2016 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 11/07/16
Programmable tracking Protection Battery tracking protection

Symbol Parameter Test Conditions 10/1000s IPPSM* Non-repetitive peak on-state pulse current 0.5s 1s ITSM/IFSM* Non repetitive peak on-state current, 30s 900s IGSM* VDRM VGKRM TA TSTG TJ Non repetitive peak gate current, 2/10s pulse, cathodes commoned Repetitive peak off-state voltage, VGK=0 Repetitive peak gate-cathode voltage, VKA=0 Operating free-air temperature range Storage temperature range Junction temperature Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 10s Junction to ambient thermal resistance Ptot = 25 C, , FR4 PCB

- Initially the protector must be in thermal equilibrium with TJ=25C. The surge may be repeated after the device returns to its initial conditions. - These non-repetitive rated currents are peak values for either polarity. The rated current values may be applied to any cathode-anode terminal pair. Additionally, all cathode-anode terminal pairs may have their rated current values applied simultaneously (in this case the anode terminal current will be four times the rated current value of an individual terminal pair).

Parameter Forward voltage Ramp peak forward recovery voltage Impulse peak forward recovery voltage Off-state current Ramp breakover voltage Impulse breakover voltage Gate-cathode impulse breakover voltage Holding current Gate reverse current Gate trigger current Gate trigger voltage Cathode-anode off-state capacitance

Test Conditions di/dt=10A/s, dv/dt100V/s maximum ramp ITM=-27A,Rs=50, di/dt=-27A/s VD= VDRM, di/dt=10A/s, dv/dt100V/s,VGG=-100V maximum ramp di/dt=1A/ms, VGG=-100V VGG=VGK= VGKRM, IG=0 VD=-48V

2016 Littelfuse, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Revised: 11/03/16

Parameter Off-state current Repetitive peak off-state voltage On-state Current(RMS) Non-repetitive Peak On-state Current Holding current Breakover voltage Forward voltage Gate-cathode impulse breakover voltage Gate trigger current SLIC supply voltage

Part Number Code Date Code T: Assembly code YY: Yearly code WW: Weekly code

Package Type D Description MS-012 SMT 8-pin SOIC Tape and Reel Pack Quantity 2500 Added Suffix N/A Industry Standard EIA-481-D


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