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TitleDevelopment Boards & Kits - ARM Development tool for LPCXpresso54608

NXP Semiconductors LPCXpresso54608 Development Board provides a powerful and flexible development system for the NXP LPC546 ARM® Cortex®-M family of MCUs. The LPCXpresso54608 Development Board is comprised of the target LPC54608 device with an on-board, CMSIS-DAP / SEGGER J-Link compatible debug probe. The on-board probe is compatible with MCUXpresso IDE and other toolchains such as those from Keil and IAR. The LPCXpresso54608 Development Board is equipped with a standard 10-pin header enabling the use of 3rd party debug probes. In addition to standard LPCXpresso V3 features, this board includes a complete set of peripheral interfaces to enable developers to fully explore the capabilities of LPC5460x devices. The LPCXpresso54608 Development Board is pre-loaded with a Demonstration program showing Draupner Graphic TouchGFX software.

CompanyFreescale Semiconductor
DatasheetDownload OM13092 datasheet
Product CategoryDevelopment Boards & Kits - ARM
ProductDevelopment Boards
Tool Is For Evaluation OfLPC54608
CoreARM Cortex M4
BrandNXP / Freescale
Data Bus Width32 bit
Description/FunctionLPCXpresso board for LPC54608
Interface TypeSPI, UART, USB
Factory Pack Quantity1
TradenameLPC Microcontrollers
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The LPCXpressoTM family of boards provides a powerful and flexible development system for NXP's LPC Cortex®-M family of MCUs. They can be used with a wide range of development tools, including NXP's MCUXpresso IDE. The LPCXpresso54S618 (OM13095) share the same design and have been developed by NXP to enable evaluation of and prototyping with the LPC546xx family of MCUs. There is no functional difference between these boards except the (1) functionality of the LPC546xx device installed, and (2) that the LPC54618 board does not include the LCD panel. All boards use a BGA180 package. The schematics show that the board was designed for either 3.3 V build configurations, but all production boards are built in the 3.3 V configuration.

This document describes the hardware of the LPCXpresso546xx boards. The following aspects of interfacing to the board are covered by this guide: Main board features. Setup for use with development tools. Board interface connectors. Jumper settings.

All information provided in this document is subject to legal disclaimers.


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