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Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 SoC-FPGA-based solution is an ideal reference platform for developing high-performance, reliable, and secured dual-axis motor control applications. The solution has algorithms like sensorless FOC, FOC with HALL, FOC with encoder, and FOC with resolver for PMSM/BLDC motors. The position control algorithm of the stepper motor supports up to 1024 microsteps.

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DG0598 Demo Guide SmartFusion2 Dual-Axis Motor Control Starter Kit

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Introduction. 2 Design Requirements. 2 Demo Design. 2 Demo Design Features. 3 Setting Up the Demo Design. 3 2.5.1 Setting Up the Hardware. 3 2.5.2 Installing the Motor Control GUI. 4 Running the Demo Design. 12 Running the BLDC Motors. 14 Running Stepper Motors. 20 2.8.1 Continuous Mode. 21 2.8.2 Position Mode. 21 Register Dump Feature. 24

3 Appendix: Jumper Settings. 28 4 Appendix: Connecting the Motor Terminals. 29
4.1 BLDC Motor Connections. 29 4.1.1 Stepper Motor Connections. 30


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Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 SoC-FPGA-based solution is an ideal reference platform for developing high-performance, reliable, and secured dual-axis motor control applications. The solution has algorithms

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