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TitleHigh Speed Optocouplers 50Mbps 4.4x4.3x2.1mm AIGaAS LED, PhotoIC

Panasonic APS1 Series PhotoIC Coupler integrates an AlGaAs LED and an intelligent optical sensor and signal processor to transmit light signals while allowing electrical insulation. This PhotoIC Coupler is designed for high-speed transmission of signals between industrial equipment such as motors and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

CompanyPanasonic Industrial Devices
DatasheetDownload APS1551S datasheet
Data Rate50 Mbps
Number of Channels1 Channel
Output TypeTotem Pole
Isolation Voltage3750 Vrms
Vf - Forward Voltage1.6 V
If - Forward Current25 mA
Vr - Reverse Voltage5 V
Pd - Power Dissipation40 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
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APS1551SX: High Speed Optocouplers 50Mbps 4.4x4.3x2.1mm AIGaAS LED & PhotoIC


Features, Applications


1. Measuring equipment 2. FA (Factory Automation) network 3. I/O of high speed communication *Does not support automotive application

1. High speed Photo Coupler with receiver circuit IC 2. Capable of high speed communication (Transfer rate Typ. 50 Mbps) 3. High noise immunity (CMTI Min. 15 kV/s) 4. Guaranteed performance at high temperature +221F) 5. Isolation voltage: 3,750 Vrms 6. Totem pole output type

Figure of output Transfer rate Supply voltage Tube packing style Part No. Tape and reel packing style Picked from the Picked from the 1/2-pin side 3/4/5-pin side APS1551SX APS1551SZ Packing quantity Tube 1 tube contains: 100 pcs. 1 batch contains: 2,000 pcs. Tape and reel

Item LED forward current Input LED reverse voltage Peak forward current Supply voltage Output voltage Output current Power dissipation I/O isolation voltage Operating Temperature Limits Storage Symbol IF VR IFP VCC VO IO Pout Viso Topr Tstg 3,750 V rms to +257F Remarks

Item Threshold input current Input LED dropout voltage Input capacitance Low level supply current High level supply current Low level output voltage High level output voltage Max. Min. Typ. Max. Typ. Max. Min. Symbol IFHL VF Ct ICCL ICCH VOL VOH 4.4 V Condition VCC = 10 mA, = 1 MHz, = 10 mA, = 4 mA, VCC = 0 mA, = -4 mA, VCC 5 V

Item Propagation delay time (H L) Propagation delay time (L H) Propagation delay skew Pulse width distortion Transfer characteristics Output fall time Output rise time Common mode transient immunity at low level output Common mode transient immunity at high level output I/O capacitance Initial I/O isolation resistance

Symbol Max. Typ. Min. Typ. Min. tpHL tpLH tpsk |tpHL-tpLH| tf tr CML CMH Ciso Riso

Condition VIN 5 V, RIN = 300 CIN = 22 pF, 15 pF VIN 0 V, RIN = 300 CIN =22 pF, 15 pF VIN 5 V/25 MHz, RIN = 300 CIN = 22 pF, 15 pF VIN 5 V, RIN = 300 CIN = 22 pF, 15 pF VIN 0 V, RIN = 300 CIN = 22 pF, 15 pF VCM = 1000 Vp-p, = 10 mA, VCC 5 V VO(MAX) 25C 77F VCM = 1000 Vp-p, = 0 mA, VCC 5 V VO(MIN) = 1 MHz, 25C 77F

Test circuit for ICCL Test circuit for ICCH
Test circuit for propagation delay time VIN 25 MHz Duty factor = 50%
Test circuit for common mode transient immunity

Item LED forward current Supply voltage LED off voltage Symbol IF VCC VF(OFF) Min. 4.5 0 Typ. 5 Max. 5.5 0.8 Unit mA V

Please use under recommended operating conditions to obtain expected characteristics. Additionally, please check other conditions in this specification sheets because they are affected by the actual usage.


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Panasonic APS1 Series PhotoIC Coupler integrates an AlGaAs LED and an intelligent optical sensor and signal processor to transmit light signals while allowing electrical insulation. This PhotoIC Coupler

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