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TitleSwitching Voltage Regulators 0.5A/1A 6MHz PWM/VFM Step-down DCDC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier

RICOH RP519Z Series 0.5A/1A PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converters with Synchronous Rectifier offers synchronous rectification for improving the efficiency of rectification. This is achieved by replacing diodes with built-in switching transistors. Circuit performance is increased using synchronous rectification by allowing a design to reduce parts count. Current limit circuit and thermal shutdown circuit are protection circuits for the RP519Z. High-density mounting on boards is achieved in the WLCSP6P8 package.

CompanyElectronic Devices Inc.
DatasheetDownload RP519Z121B-E2-F datasheet
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Output Voltage1.2 V
Output Current500 mA/1 A
Number of Outputs1 Output
Input Voltage MAX5.5 V
Input Voltage MIN2.3 V
Switching Frequency6 MHz
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
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Features, Applications
0.5A/1A PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier

The is a low supply current CMOS-based PWM/VFM step-down DC/DC converter with synchronous rectifier featuring 0.5 output current(1). Internally, a single converter consists of a reference voltage unit, an error amplifier, a switching control circuit, a mode control circuit, a soft-start circuit, an under-voltage lockout (UVLO) circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit, and switching transistors. The RP519Z is employing synchronous rectification for improving the efficiency of rectification by replacing diodes with built-in switching transistors. Using synchronous rectification not only increases circuit performance but also allows a design to reduce parts count. Output voltage controlling method is selectable between a forced PWM control type and a PWM/VFM auto-switching control type, and can be set by the MODE pin. Output voltage type is selectable between an internally fixed output voltage type and an externally adjustable output voltage type. Protection circuits in the RP519Z is current limit circuit and thermal shutdown circuit. LX current limit value (Typ.) is selectable between 1.6 A and 1.0 A. The RP519Z is available in WLCSP-6-P8 which achieves high-density mounting on boards. Using capacitor / 1005-size (inch / mm) and inductor 0603- /1608-size (inch / mm) as external parts help to save space for devices.


Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) (6.5 V) Output Voltage Range (Fixed Output Voltage Type) V - Settable 0.1 V Step (Adjustable Output Voltage Type) 5.5 V Output Voltage Accuracy (Fixed Output Voltage Type) (VSET(2) 1.2 V), 18 mV (VSET 1.2 V) Feedback Voltage Accuracy (Adjustable Output Voltage Type) 9 mV (VFB 0.6 V) Output Voltage/Feedback Voltage Temperature Coefficient 100 ppm/C Selectable Oscillator Frequency Typ. 6.0 MHz Oscillator Maximum Duty Min. 100% Built-in Driver ON Resistance (VIN = 3.6 V) Typ. Pch. 0.175 , Nch. 0.155 (RP519Z) Standby Current Typ. 0 A UVLO Detector Threshold Typ. 2.0 V Soft-start Time Typ. 0.15 ms Inductor Current Limit Circuit Typ. A - Selectable Current Limit Package x 0.36mm)

This is an approximate value. The output current is dependent on conditions and external components. VSET = Set Output Voltage


Power source for Portable communication equipment such as mobile/smart phone, digital camera, and Note-PC Power source for Li-ion battery-used equipment

The set output voltage, the output voltage type, the auto-discharge function(1), and the LX current limit for the ICs are user-selectable options. Selection Guide Product Name RP519ZxxX$-E2-F Package WLCSP-6-P8 Quantity per Reel 5,000 pcs Pb Free Yes Halogen Free Yes

xx: Designation of the set output voltage (VSET) For Fixed Output Voltage Type: V steps(2) For Adjustable Output Voltage Type: 00 only X: Designation of LX Current Limit 1) Typ. A 2) Typ. 1.0 A Designation of Version Output Voltage Auto-discharge Type Function Fixed Adjustable No Yes No Yes 6.0 MHz 5.5 V Oscillator Frequency VSET 3.3 V

Auto-discharge function quickly lowers the output voltage 0 V, when the chip enable signal is switched from the active mode to the standby mode, by releasing the electrical charge accumulated in the external capacitor. 0.05 V step is also available as a custom code.

UVLO Thermal Protection Hi Side Current Detector


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RICOH RP519Z Series 0.5A/1A PWM/VFM Step-down DC/DC Converters with Synchronous Rectifier offers synchronous rectification for improving the efficiency of rectification. This is achieved by replacing




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