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TitleIndustrial Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors Output, 360o ERA Open flying

Piher PST-360 Contactless Sensors are a simple and robust magnetic solution. The low profile sensors offer high accuracy absolute position feedback over 360°. They feature a through hole design, allowing the shaft to pass through the sensor. The true non-contacting sensing element, means the sensor does not rely on gears or other rotating parts. The streamlined sensor, incorporates a proprietary ring magnet with hall chip for the sensor element. The PST-360 series is ideal for off-road, agricultural machinery, construction, robotics, and industrial applications.

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PST360-1A-C0000-ERA360-05E: Industrial Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors Contactless Sensor Through Hole
PST3601AC0011ERA09005E: Industrial Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors Output, 90o ERA Through Hole
PST3601AC0037ERA04505E: Industrial Hall Effect/Magnetic Sensors Output, 45o ERA Open flying


Features, Applications

Magnetic rotary hollow shaft position sensor.

Simple & Robust Magnetic Design. High resolution (up to 14-bit). Absolute position feeback to 360º (keeps position on power loss). Low profile. Easy integration into existing systems. Full true-redundant versions. Conceived for harsh environments applications. Protected from magnetic fields, dust, moisture, vibrations, exteme temperatures. Multiturn (endless rotation). Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic: (some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; to 4 programmable points; see last page). Self-Diagnostic features. Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection.

The PST-360 through / hollow shaft position sensors combines three critical design features; 1) through hole where the shaft passes through the sensor, 2) high accuracy absolute position feedback over to 360°, and 3) a true non-contacting sensing element. Pihers design does not rely on gears or other rotating parts. This innovative and unique patented design, features the following advantages: - Compliments the attributes of the target application. - Mechanical integrity that matches customer´s application by design. - Unique shaft mounted design that mounts at the pivot point of the application. - No levers, connecting rods or mechanical interfaces needed. - Adapts to shaft´s eccentricity, mounting tolerances and mechanical wear over the life of the application.


Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor. Absolute rotary position sensor Pedal position sSensor. Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensor. Height & suspension sensor Motor-shaft position sensor. Pivot point angle sensing for all applications. Off road / highway steering. Agricultural machinery hydraulic lift arms, scoops, articulations/joints. Forklifts / material handling. Industrial pumps. Precision robotics, industrial equipment, HVAC monitoring & control, etc.

±1% absolute (0.5% upon request). Programmable from to 360 degrees (without dead band). Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol. Yes, programmable. Two-switches version upon request. Analog & PWM: to 12 bits. Serial Protocol (SPI): to 14 bits. 5V/12V/15V ±10% Typ 8.5mA for single version Typ 17mA for redundant version

Angular range Output Switch output Angular Resolution
Operating temperature Supply voltage Supply current

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Other product configurations will be studied case by case. Notes

(1) Other rotors: check availabilty. (2) The analog output is a ratiometric output, proportional to input supply voltage. - For supply voltage 5V: to input supply voltage. - For supply voltage 5V. - For supply voltage to 5V.

(3) Leave empty if no applicable. Switch function diagram:

(4) Other output functions available check availability.In the How To Order reference, enter CXXXX meanwhile the new output function reference is not defined. (5) Leave empty if no applicable. Default frequency 200 Hz

Special outputs slopes and protocols. Full redundant version with switches. Energy harvesting versions. Fast versions. Custom cabling and connector configurations. IP sealing. Shaft interfaces. Contact the factory for other options.

Rotor is shown at zero position. Sensor is delivered at random position.


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Piher PST-360 Contactless Sensors are a simple and robust magnetic solution. The low profile sensors offer high accuracy absolute position feedback over 360°. They feature a through hole design, allowing

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