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TitleSockets & Adapters Debugging and Program Interface
CompanyIcon Labs
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Product CategorySockets & Adapters
ManufacturerSilicon Laboratories
For Use WithSimplicity Studio
BrandSilicon Labs
CoreARM Cortex
Description/FunctionProvides a powerful development and debug environment
Interface Type2-Wire, 4-Wire, JTAG, UART
Factory Pack Quantity1
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Features, Applications

The Silicon Labs MCU and Wireless Starter Kits and Simplicity Studio provide a powerful development and debug environment.

In order to take advantage of these capabilities and features on custom hardware, Silicon Labs recommends including debugging and programming interface connector(s) in custom hardware designs. Possible options include full support of all debugging and programming capabilities of the STK, to serial wire programming only. This application note describes the benefits of including these connector interfaces in custom hardware designs and provides the details regarding these interfaces.

Wireless starter kits along with Simplicity Studio provide a powerful development and debug environment Use the debugging and programming interface connector(s) to take advantage of these capabilities

The Silicon Labs MCU Starter Kit (STK) and Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) provide a powerful development and debug environment when used with Simplicity Studio. The STK and WSTK provide several debug capabilities and features, including the following: SWD (serial wire debug) 2-pin serial wire debug interface for programming and debugging, using the pins SWCLK and SWDIO. JTAG 4-wire interface for programming and debugging, using the pins TCK, TMS, TDI, and TDO. C2 interface (for 8-bit devices) 2-wire programming interface used by most Silicon Labs 8-bit MCUs. See "AN124: Pin Sharing Techniques for the C2 Interface", which discusses pin sharing for C2 devices. ETM* (embedded trace macrocell) Debug component which enables reconstruction of program execution, and is designed as a high-speed, low-power debug tool that only supports instruction trace. AEM (advanced energy monitoring) Accurate high-speed current measurements and energy debugging/profiling when the STK/WSTK power selection switch is in the AEM position. Use with Simplicity Studio Energy Profiler perspective. PTI (packet trace interface [WSTK only]) Physical layer (PHY) level PTI for effective network-level debugging. Monitors all the PHY transmit and receive packets between the MAC and baseband modules within the radio without affecting normal operation. VCOM (virtual COM port) UART COM port interface to the target from the debugger (pass-through UART). Virtual UART SWD-based virtual UART interface to the target from the debugger, available through the SWD interface (SWDIO, SWCLK, and SWO). These features are available via several different interface means, depending on the features required by the custom target hardware design and the board space available for these interface connectors or test points. These details are discussed in the following sections. *Note: The STK and WSTK support ETM only when using an external debugger which supports ETM Capture. The STK and WSTK do not include an ETM capture unit. Only devices that have an ETM macrocell will support ETM capture, regardless of the debugger capabilities. Consult the corresponding MCU or Wireless device data sheet for details regarding whether ETM is supported on the device. Silicon Labs MCU and Wireless Development Kits may include support for ETM. Consult the kit documentation for further details.

The table below summarizes the capabilities and features of the various interfaces described in the following sections. Click on the column header hyperlinks to go directly to the section describing each specific interface. Table 2.1. Interface Capabilities and Features Feature 20-pin Standard ARM Cortex Debug+ETM Connector 20-pin Simplicity Connector Simplicity Debug Adapter Board Interfaces (Standard or Tag-Connect 10-pin cable) Mini Simplicity Connector X Cortex Debug Connector X ISA3 Packet Trace Port Connector1 X Tag-Connect 6-pin Interface

SWD (serial wire debug) JTAG C2 ETM (embedded trace module) AEM (advanced energy monitoring) PTI (packet trace interface) VCOM (virtual COM port) Virtual UART

Note: 1. ISA3 Packet Trace Port Connector interface is not yet supported by the WSTK.


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