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TitleTEM 8.18X6.02X1.65MM

II-VI Marlow builds single-stage thermoelectrics designed for medium to low heat pumping capacity requirements. The CM, RC, NL, PL, and SP product lines are the most versatile product lines that II-VI Marlow offers. These product lines cover a vast array of industry needs as they come in many shapes and sizes while offering different levels of heat pumping capabilities.

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RC12-4-01LS: TEM 29.97X29.97X3.33MM
RC12-6-01LS: TEM 40.13X40.13X3.97MM
NL1023T-01AC: TEM 13.16X13.16X2.16MM
RC3-6-01LS: TEM 20.1X20.1X3.91MM
RC3-8-01LS: TEM 20.1X20.1X3.53MM
CM29-1.9-04AC: TEM 10.2X6.02X1.68MM
RC6-4-01LS: TEM 23.5X23.5X3.33MM
RC12-2.5-01LS: TEM 30X34X3.93MM
NL1011T-01AC: TEM 6.6X6.6X2.4MM
RC12-8-01LS: TEM 40.13X40.13X3.53MM
RC24-3-01LS: TEM 40X40X3.61MM
RC3-4-01LS: TEM 16X16X3.33MM
NL1025T-01AC: TEM 8.79X10.67X2.16MM
RC3-2.5-01LS: TEM 16X16X3.94MM
NL1021T-01AC: TEM 6.6X6.6X2.16MM
RC6-2.5-01LS: TEM 23.5X23.5X3.94MM


Features, Applications
Commercial Module for CATV & SLED Applications RoHS EU Compliant TYPICAL PERFORMANCE VALUES

Hot Side Temperature (C) Tmax (C-dry N2): Qmax (watts): Imax (amps): Vmax (vdc): AC Resistance (ohms): 27C 85C

Model Number CM23-1.9-08AC CM23-1.9-09AC Description Metallized Exterior 146C Pretinned Exterior 138C Pretinned Exterior 138C /183C Pretinned Exterior 138C Pretinned Exterior and 2 sides encapsulated 118C /183C Pretinned Exterior 118C /183C Pretinned Exterior with Teflon Sleeving.

RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant. CM23-1.9-06AC, -08AC and -09AC are not RoHS Compliant. All dimensions are millimeters. Marlow reserves the right to make product changes without notice. Au flash exterior, suitable for soldering. AlO ceramics Minimum order quantity of 20 pieces. Maximum process temperature is 220C.

For customer support or general questions please contact a local office or visit our website at

For performance information in a vacuum or with hot side temperatures other than or 50C, contact one of our Applications Engineers at 877-627-5691.

Installation Recommended mounting methods: Bonding with thermal epoxy or soldering with metallized ceramics. For additional information, please refer to our TEC Installation Guide. Operation Cautions For maximum reliability, storage and operation below in a non-condensing environment is recommended. To minimize thermal stress, use linear/proportional temperature control or a similar method rather than an ON/OFF method.

For customer support or general questions please contact a local office below or visit our website at Marlow Industries, Inc. 10451 Vista Park Road Dallas Texas 75238-1645 214-340-4900 (tel) 214-341-5212 (fax) 877-627-5691 (tech support) II-VI Japan Inc. WBG Marive East 17F 2-6 Nakase, Mihama-ku Chiba-Shi, Chiba 261-7117 Japan (tel) (fax) Marlow Industries Europe GmbH Brunnenweg 19-21 64331 Weiterstadt Germany Tel.: Fax: II-VI Singapore Pte., Ltd. Blk. 5012, Techplace & 05-07/12, Ang Mo Kio Ave. 5 Singapore (tel) 6481 8702 (fax) Marlow Industries China, II-VI Technologies Beijing A subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated 202, 1# Lize 2nd Middle Road Wangjing, Chaoyang District Beijing 100102 China 010-64398226 ext 105 (tel) 010-64399315 (fax) DOC # 102-0353 REV G - PAGE OF 2


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II-VI Marlow builds single-stage thermoelectrics designed for medium to low heat pumping capacity requirements. The CM, RC, NL, PL, and SP product lines are the most versatile product lines that II-VI

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