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Amphenol FCI's BergStik 2.54 mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), press-fit, stacking, and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions. Designed in single and double row, they are available in straight or right angle options, from 2- to 72-positions. Featuring a "breakaway" design, each connector can be cut or broken to length to suit the application profile. The maximum current rating is 3 A per contact. This product range is extended with BergStik 2.54 mm unshrouded vertical headers in 0.25 μm plating, available in standard sizes. It offers an economical solution for various applications. It is also specified up to 100 mating cycles. BergStik product range provides board-to-board, wire to-board, and cable-to-board interconnect solutions for all electronic equipment and devices.

CompanyAmphenol FCI
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95278-101A10LF: BERGSTIK HDR 10POS .100" DR SMT
95278-101A14LF: BERGSTIK HDR 14POS .100" DR SMT
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Amphenol FCI's BergStik 2.54 mm unshrouded headers are available in surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), press-fit, stacking, and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions. Designed in single and double

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CMDA43GB15D13L : Power LED (1watt) Technical Datasheet. Europe Robert Bunsen Str. 1 D-67098 Bad Durkheim (6322) 9567-0 CMDA43xx15D13L Series on Star PCB CMDA44xx15D13L Series on Square PCB Power LED (1watt) Technical Datasheet CMDA43 and CMDA44 Power series is designed for high current operation and high flux output applications. Its thermal management characteristic are better than other.

405I23SM : Surface Mount Quartz Crystal. Standard 5.0x3.2mm Surface Mount Footprint Stable Frequency Over Temperature and Drive Level Frequency Range 50 MHz Frequency Tolerance, 30 ppm Standard (10 ppm and 20 ppm available) Frequency Stability, 50 ppm Standard (10,20,30 and 40 ppm available) Operating Temperature to +85C Tape & Reel Packaging, EIA-481-2 Compliant RoHS/Green Compliant.

2240-S : Rfi And Emi - Shielding And Absorbing Material Rf/if And Rfid; ABSORBER SIL 10 PSA 1.5MM 4"X6". s: Thickness - Overall: 0.06" (1.5mm) ; Width: 4" (101.6mm) ; Length: 6" (152.4mm) ; Temperature Range: 300F (149C) ; Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) ; Shape: Sheet ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

BZ-2RW80 : Basic / Snap Action / Limit Switches 15A 2.5" flat lvr Solder Terminals. s: Manufacturer: Honeywell ; Product Category: Basic / Snap Action / Limit Switches ; RoHS:  Details ; Contact Form: SPDT ; Actuator: Lever ; Current Rating (Max): 15 Amps ; Voltage Rating AC: 480 Volts ; Voltage Rating DC: 250 Volts ; Operating Force: 0.7 N ; Termination.

199D686X06R3D1V1E3 : 68F Tantalum Capacitor Radial 6.3V; CAP TANT 68UF 6.3V 20% RADIAL. s: Capacitance: 68F ; Voltage - Rated: 6.3V ; Tolerance: 20% ; : General Purpose ; Operating Temperature: -55C ~ 125C ; Lead Spacing: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): - ; Lifetime @ Temp.: - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Type: Conformal Coated ; Package / Case:.

4-103149-0-33 : Gold Through Hole, Right Angle Rectangular - Headers, Male Pin Connectors, Interconnect Header, Unshrouded, Breakaway; CONN HEADR BRKWAY .100 66POS R/A. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Header, Unshrouded, Breakaway ; Contact Finish: Gold ; Contact Mating Length: 0.230" (5.84mm) ; : - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Number of Positions.

CA3106E32-7PBF80F0 : Aluminum, Olive Drab Cadmium Plated Free Hanging (In-Line) Circular - Housing Connectors, Interconnect Plug for Male Contacts; CONN HSG PLUG 35POS STRGHT PIN. s: : Strain Relief ; Packaging: Bulk ; Connector Type: Plug for Male Contacts ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Shell Size - Insert: 32-7 ; Contact Type: Crimp ; Fastening Type: Bayonet.

SSW-130-01-S-S : Gold Through Hole Rectangular - Headers, Receptacles, Female Socket Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle; CONN RCPT .100" 30POS SNGL GOLD. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Receptacle ; Contact Finish: Gold ; : - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Pitch: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; Row Spacing: - ; Packaging:.

2-1623783-2 : 2K Ohm 7W Through Hole Resistors; RES 2.00K OHM 7W 5% RADIAL. s: Resistance (Ohms): 2K ; Power (Watts): 7W ; Tolerance: 5% ; Packaging: Bulk ; Composition: Metal Film ; Temperature Coefficient: 300ppm/C ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.


103673-2 : 3 CONTACT(S), MALE, RIGHT ANGLE TWO PART BOARD CONNECTOR, SOLDER. s: Connector Type: TWO PART BOARD CONNECTOR ; Gender: Male ; Termination Types: SOLDER ; Number of Contacts: 3.

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