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Thermal Energy Harvesting Demo Unit Solid to Air TYPICAL PERFORMANCE VALUES
Min Tsys (C) at 10C Tsys (mW) at 60C Tsys (mW) 0.1 1.3

Marlow's EH series offers a range of source-to-application, thermoelectric-based energy harvesting systems for evaluation and testing. Each system integrates a Marlow electrically-matched, thermally- optimized custom thermoelectric generator and heat sink with a Linear Technology LTC series voltage step-up converter to provide the customer with tools and flexibility necessary to evaluate a wide range of test conditions. The EHA-PA1AN1-R02-L1 is designed to harvest power from the temperature difference between a warm solid surface and the surrounding ambient air.

For customer support or general questions please contact a local office below or consult our website for distributor information. Marlow Industries, Inc. 10451 Vista Park Road Dallas Texas 75238-1645 214-340-4900 (tel) 214-341-5212 (fax) Marlow Industries Europe GmbH Brunnenweg 19-21 64331 Weiterstadt Germany Tel.: Fax: II-VI Singapore Pte., Ltd. Blk. 5012, Techplace & 05-07/12, Ang Mo Kio Ave. 5 Singapore (tel) 6481 8702 (fax Marlow Industries China, II-VI Technologies Beijing A subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated 202, 1# Lize 2nd Middle Road Wangjing, Chaoyang District Beijing 100102 China 010-64398226 ext 105 (tel) 010-64399315 (fax) For more information please see:

II-VI Japan Inc. WBG Marive East 17F 2-6 Nakase, Mihama-ku Chiba-Shi, Chiba 261-7117 Japan (tel) (fax)

INSTALLATION: Assembly should be mounted to hot surface using the provided M 3 bolts with a maximum torque of 5.0 inlbs. A layer of graphite has been adhered to the mounting surface on the EHA-PA1AN1-R02-L1 to ensure a good thermal contact between the mounting surface and the EHA assembly. Performance will vary greatly with ambient conditions. For best results, mount assembly in ideal orientation as shown. During installation, observe precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices. CONTENTS: 1 EHA-PA1AN1-R02-L1 Assembly, 1 Wire Harness OPERATION CAUTIONS: For maximum reliability, continuous operation below 85C is recommended. Do not attempt to disassemble without contacting a Marlow engineer. Doing so could result in permanent damage to the TG or other system components.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Output from the EHA-PA1AN1-R02-L1 is strongly a function of heat source, ambient temperature, and electrical load downstream of the converter. Data given on this sheet is representative of typical system performance under steady-state flow and thermal conditions and is intended for selecting the appropriate EH series assembly. The data should not be taken as comprehensive or representative of every operating condition. For further information about or questions regarding the EHA-PA1AN1-R02-L1, please contact a Marlow applications engineer. AVAILABLE MODIFICATIONS Marlow can custom design the EH system to maximize power output, or to meet size, form factor, or temperature constraints for any thermal energy harvesting application. In special cases, Marlow can customize units to accommodate alternating temperature difference or a reverse temperature difference. Contact an application engineer for more information.

PIN FUNCTIONS WIRE COLOR RED BLACK FUNCTION VOUT GND1 VLDO GND2 PGD VSTORE TCOLD THOT PIN VSTORE (PIN 6) Output for the storage capacitor or battery. The VSTORE output can be used to charge a large storage capacitor or rechargeable battery. The storage element on VSTORE can be used to power the system in the event that the input source is lost or is unable to provide the current demanded by VOUT and LDO output. A large capacitor may be connected from this pin to GND for powering the system in the event the input voltage is lost. It will be charged to 5.25V. Note that it may take a long time to charge a larger capacitor, depending on the input energy available and the loading on VOUT and VLDO. Since the maximum current from VSTORE is limited to a few milliamps, it can safely be used to tricklecharge NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries for energy storage when the input voltage is lost. Note that the VSTORE capacitor cannot supply large pulse currents to VOUT. Any pulse load on VOUT must be handled by the VOUT capacitor. If not used, this pin should be left open. THOT, TCOLD (PINS 7-10) Thermistor leads for hot side and cold side TEG temperatures. The temperature readings from the on-board thermistors monitor the hot side and cold side of the embedded TEG. In application, these temperatures will be different than the source and sink temperatures used to define the system temperature difference included in the performance plot. The following figure shows how thermal resistance on either side of the TEG can affect temperatures. It is recommended that the user place and monitor external thermocouples/thermisters/RTD's on both the heat source and heat sink (or ambient conditions) in addition to monitoring the on-board thermistors.


VLDO (PIN 3) Output of the 2.2V Low Drop Out (LDO). The LTC3108 includes a low current LDO to provide a regulated 2.2V output for powering low power processors and other low power ICs. The LDO output is current limited to 4mA.

PGD (PIN 5) Power good output that monitors the VOUT voltage. The PGD output is designed to drive a microprocessor or other chip I/O and is not intended to drive a higher current load such as an LED. When VOUT is within 7.5% of its programmed value, PGD will be pulled up to VLDO through a 1M resistor. If VOUT drops 9% below its programmed value PGD will go low.

VOUT (PIN 1) Main output of the converter. The voltage at this pin is regulated to the voltage selected by VS1 and VS2. To select an output voltage, change the jumper locations at VS1 and VS2 on the board according to the VOUT Options table below. Pin 1 may be connected to an auxiliary capacitor. A 220F capacitor is already connected to this pin. See Application Notes sections of this datasheet for more information.

Manufacturer: GE Industrial Sensing (Thermometrics) PN: A040A-UBCF16XF103X-A Resistance 25C: 10 KOhm K 1%

where R is the resistance of the thermistor that you want to measure and T is the temperature of the thermistor.


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