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TitleFAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 12V GL12B4

Comair Rotron’s Galaxy series (model prefix GL and GLD) was designed for high pressure and high flow applications when a 120 mm tube axial fan cannot do the job. This powerful air-mover is packed in 127 mm frame that offers a dual mounting pattern for a 120 mm frame size. Very quiet for its size and performance. The GLD U speed is able to move air at a rate of 240 CFM with a shutoff pressure of 1.28 (in H2O). While achieving this performance, the Galaxy (GLD) only needs 38.1 watts of power. Available in standard and feature packed programmable versions that include tach, FPS, speed control options with PWM or voltage.

CompanyComair Rotron
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19031075A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 24V GL24B4
19031076A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 48V GL48B4
19031200A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 12V GL12B7
19031636A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 24V GL24B7
19039992A: FAN AXIAL 127X38MM GL24S3TDN-E2
19031377A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 48V GL48B7
19031239A: FAN AXIAL 127X38.1MM 48V GL48R7


Features, Applications
(RoHS Compliant) Model Number: Part Number: GL12B4 19031074A August 11, 2005

Nominal Voltage Operating Voltage Range Nominal Running Current Locked Rotor Current Running Power Average Speed Bearings Air Flow Acoustic = 12 vdc = 1.30 amps = 3.00 amps = 16.0 watts = 3200 rpm = Ball = 150 CFM = 53.6 dBA

Brushless DC Motor Polarity Protected Locked Rotor Protection Automatic Restart Capability Operating Temperature Storage Temperature

Venturi: Die Cast Zinc, Black Propeller: Plastic, Black, UL 94V-0
This fan is designed for continuous duty life of 75,000 hours at 40C.


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Comair Rotron’s Galaxy series (model prefix GL and GLD) was designed for high pressure and high flow applications when a 120 mm tube axial fan cannot do the job. This powerful air-mover is packed

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