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TitleDevelopment Boards & Kits - x86 Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone

Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone is a ready-to-fly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development platform. The kit comes fully assembled and functional, powered by the Intel Aero Compute Board. The drone comes equipped with Intel RealSense depth and vision capabilities, and runs an open-source Linux operating system. This kit is geared for developers, researchers, and UAV enthusiasts who desire the fastest path to getting applications airborne.

CompanyIntel Corporation
DatasheetDownload 82634CRARPLTRTF datasheet
Product CategoryDevelopment Boards & Kits - x86
ProductDevelopment Kits
Tool Is For Evaluation OfIntel Atom x7-Z8750
CoreIntel Atom x7-Z8750
Interface TypePCIe, UART, USB
Operating Supply Voltage11.1 V to 14.8 V
Factory Pack Quantity1
Unit Weight4,5 kg
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Features, Applications
Thank you for purchasing the Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone!

The Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone is a pre-assembled quadcopter that is purposely built for professional drone application developers to enable you to get your applications airborne quickly. This development platform is intended to be modified by developers according to their professional judgment. Intel has not established operating limitations for the kit or tested any configurations other than the base configuration that is shipped as configured from the factory. Developers are responsible for testing and ensuring the safety of their own configurations, and establishing the operating limits of those configurations. You should already have experience flying aircrafts via remote control using Manual flight mode which requires control of the drone with a two-gimbal joystick controller similar to the one included with the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone.

This Getting Started Guide Terms & Conditions of Use and Important Safety Information Instruction manual for Spektrum DXe Transmitter Pre-assembled quad-copter airframe** 2 sets of snap-on propellers: "A" (x4) and "B" (x4) Spektrum* DXe Transmitter (2.4GHz DSMX*) 4 AA alkaline batteries for Spektrum DXe Transmitter

**Battery not included. Recommended Battery: Li-Po, - 4500 mAh, 4S, with XT60 connector. Safety for the Battery: The Operator is responsible for obtaining a battery and battery charger which are certified for use in the Operator`s country of operation. The Operator is responsible for proper use of the battery and battery charger per the manufacturer's safety guidelines.

1. Read the Terms & Conditions of Use and Important Safety Information document (included in the box) before operating the drone. 2. Experienced pilots can begin flying immediately after following these steps: a. Attach a Battery i. Insert a battery inside the center cavity of the drone's airframe with cables extending out toward the rear of the drone as shown in Figure 1. ii. Tighten the restraining strap around the battery to secure the battery as close to the center of the airframe as possible. iii. Connect the battery cable to the drone using the XT60 connector

b. Set up the GPS Antenna (see Figure 2) i. Raise the GPS antenna mast 90o until vertical then tighten the antenna base cover

c. Attach the propellers (see Figure ) i. Identify propellers marked as "A" and "B" on top of the propeller blade. ii. Attach each propeller to its corresponding labeled motor by pressing down and twisting counterclockwise (for "A" propellers) and clockwise (for "B" propellers) until each propeller latches securely. iii. To detach the propeller, press the center hub of the propeller while twisting the propeller blade in the opposite direction used when attaching.

d. Prepare the remote control transmitter (see Figure 4) i. Install the 4 AA alkaline batteries in the transmitter. ii. Flip all toggle switches UP or AWAY from the pilot. The Flight Mode switch should be set to Manual (mode 0) until you arm the motors in Step 3.d. iii. Turn ON the transmitter by sliding its power switch UP (located between the two gimbal sticks) The transmitter's power LED will turn to steady orange and a two-tone "rising chirp" will be heard.

3. Prepare to Fly a. Perform all pre-flight safety procedures as follows: Pre-Flight Safety Check

Perform this safety check before each flight of the drone (also referred to as UAV). Verify the following: 1. The flight zone is clear with enough open space outdoors for take-off and landing (no people, animals, or obstacles within a radius of 10 meters). 2. Propellers are in working condition and attached securely to the motors. 3. All drone components and wires are securely attached to the airframe and do not impede the path of the propellers. 4. The drone battery is properly charged. Connect the battery to the UAV circuitry only when in use. 5. The drone battery is secured to the airframe. 6. The battery for the remote control transmitter is properly charged. 7. Communication between the remote control transmitter and the drone is functioning properly. (step c, below) 8. Arm the motors only after people, animals, and obstacles are at a safe distance. WARNING: Check airworthiness of the drone before each flight, especially after any incident like a hard landing. Do not fly the drone if any part of the aircraft appears to be damaged or malfunctioning. Always perform the Pre-Flight Safety Check before each flight.


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