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ON Semiconductor's NBA3N01xx devices are single LVCMOS output differential line drivers/receivers for low power and high data rate automotive applications. The devices are optimized to support data rates higher than 400 Mbps (200 MHz).

CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

The is a Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) driver for low power and high data rate applications. The device accepts LVCMOS/TTL input and translates it to LVDS and is designed to support data rates higher than 400 Mbps (200 MHz). The driver provides low EMI with a typical output swing of 350 mV. The device can be paired with its companion single line receiver NBA3N012C or with any other LVDS receiver for high speed LVDS interface. The LVDS output is designed 3.5 mA (typical) current mode driver allowing low power dissipation even at the high frequency. NBA3N011S is offered a 5 lead SOT23 package, shipping in 3000 pcs tape & reel.


SOT23-5 DT SUFFIX CASE 1 011 Specific Device Code = Assembly Code = Year = Work Week = Pb-Free Package 011AYWG G

Compatible with TIA/EIA-644A Standard Automotive Grade AECQ-100 Grade > 400 Mbps (200 MHz) Data Rate Operating Range: VDD 0.3 V Maximum 700 ps Differential Skew Maximum Propagation Delay 1.5 ns Low Power Dissipation (Typical V) SOT23-5 Lead Package with Pinout optimized for easy PCB Layout 350 mV Differential Signaling Power Off Protection (Outputs in Tri-state) Temperature Operating Range to +125C These are Pb-Free Devices

Automotive: Head Lamp Lighting for Cars Telecom: Wireless, Microwave and Optical

Pin Number Pin Name VDD GND Q IN Output Input I/O Type Description Power Supply Pin Ground Pin Inverting Output Pin Non-Inverting Output Input Pin

Device NBA3N011SSNT1G Package SOT23-5 (Pb-Free) Shipping 3000 / Tape & Reel

For information on tape and reel specifications, including part orientation and tape sizes, please refer to our Tape and Reel Packaging Specification Brochure, BRD8011/D.

Characteristics ESD Protection Human Body Model (JEDEC Standard 22, Method A114-E) Charge Device Model (JEDEC Standard 22, Method C101D) Moisture Sensitivity (Note 1) Flammability Rating Oxygen Index: to 34 All Pins All Pins Value 1.25 kV Level UL 94 Code to 34

Symbol VDD VIN VQ IOS Tj Tstg qJC qJA Tsol PD Supply voltage Input Voltage (IN) LVCMOS Output Voltage (Q/Q) LVDS Output Short Circuit Current LVDS Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Thermal resistance (Junction-to-Case) (Note 3) Thermal resistance (Junction-to-Ambient) (Note 3) Lead Temperature Soldering (4 Seconds) SOLDERRM/D Package Power Dissipation 25C - Derating of 7.22 mW/C above 25C Parameter Rating -0.30 VDD -0.30 to (VDD -0.30 to Unit mA C C/W C mW

Stresses exceeding those listed in the Maximum Ratings table may damage the device. If any of these limits are exceeded, device functionality should not be assumed, damage may occur and reliability may be affected. 2. The maximum ratings applied are individual stress limit values and not valid simultaneously. 3. JEDEC standard multilayer board -2S2P (2 signal 2 power)

Symbol IDD Parameter Power Supply Current Test Conditions No-Load (Pin: VDD; VIN = VDD or GND) 100 W (Pin: VDD; VIN = VDD or GND) VIH VIL IIH IIL VCL CIN Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Input High Current Input Low Current Input Clamp Voltage Input Capacitance Pin: IN Pin: IN Pin: IN; VIN 2.4 V Pin: IN; VIN = GND 0.5 V ICL -1.5 2.0 GND Min Typ 5 7 Max 8 10 VDD 0.8 10 Unit V pF

Product parametric performance is indicated in the Electrical Characteristics for the listed test conditions, unless otherwise noted. Product performance may not be indicated by the Electrical Characteristics if operated under different conditions.

Symbol VOD DVOD VOS DVOS IOFF IOSD IOS COUT Parameter Differential Output Voltage Change in Differential Output Voltage magnitude Offset Voltage Change in Offset Voltage magnitude Leakage Current - Power-off Differential Short Circuit Output Current (Note 4) Output Short Circuit Current (Note 4) Output Capacitance V or GND, VDD 0 V VOD V VQ and 100 W, Figure 1.125 0 Test Conditions 100 W, Figures & 2 Min 250 Typ Max Unit mA pF

4. - minus sign indicated only direction. Current into the device is defined as positive. IOS/IOSD is specified as magnitude only.

VDD 0.3 V, GND = 1 MHz, 50 W, tr, 90%) - (Note 5) Parameters High to Low Differential Propagation Delay Low to High Differential Propagation Delay Rise Time Transition Low to High Fall Time Transition High to Low Differential Pulse Skew |tpHLD - tpLHD| (Note 6) Differential Part to Part Skew (Note 7) Differential Part to Part Skew (Note 8) Maximum Operating Frequency (Note 9) Min Typ Max Unit ns MHz

5. Test Conditions for the above 15 pF (includes Load & Jig Capacitance), Figures 3 and 4 Product parametric performance is indicated in the Electrical Characteristics for the listed test conditions, unless otherwise noted. Product performance may not be indicated by the Electrical Characteristics if operated under different conditions 6. |tPHLD - tPLHD|, is the magnitude difference in differential propagation delay time between the positive going edge and the negative going edge of the same channel. 7. Differential Part to Part Skew, is defined as the difference between the minimum and maximum specified differential propagation delays. This specification applies to devices at the same VDD and within 5C of each other within the operating temperature range. 8. Part to part skew, is the differential channel to channel skew of any event between devices. This specification applies to devices over recommended operating temperature and voltage ranges, and across process distribution. tSKD2 is defined as |Max - Min| differential propagation delay. 9. fMAX Input Conditions: to 100%), Duty Cycle 3 V. fMAX Output Conditions: VOD > 250 mV, Duty Cycle = 45%/55%


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ON Semiconductor's NBA3N01xx devices are single LVCMOS output differential line drivers/receivers for low power and high data rate automotive applications. The devices are optimized to support data

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