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FEATURES Measures Gain/Loss and Phase to 2.7 GHz Dual Demodulating Log Amps and Phase Detector Input Range 60 dBm to 0 dBm a 50 System Accurate Gain Measurement Scaling (30 mV/dB) Typical Nonlinearity 0.5 dB Accurate Phase Measurement Scaling (10 mV/Degree) Typical Nonlinearity < 1 Degree Measurement/Controller/Level Comparator Modes Operates from Supply Voltages V5.5 V Stable 1.8 V Reference Voltage Output Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth from to 30 MHz APPLICATIONS RF/IF PA Linearization Precise RF Power Control Remote System Monitoring and Diagnostics Return Loss/VSWR Measurements Log Ratio Function for AC Signals


The is a fully integrated system for measuring gain/loss and phase in numerous receive, transmit, and instrumentation applications. It requires few external components and a single supply V5.5 V. The ac-coupled input signals can range from 60 dBm to 0 dBm a 50 system, from low frequencies to 2.7 GHz. The outputs provide an accurate measurement of either gain or loss over 30 dB range scaled to 30 mV/dB, and of phase over a 0180 range scaled to 10 mV/degree. Both subsystems have an output bandwidth of 30 MHz, which may optionally be reduced by the addition of external filter capacitors. The AD8302 can be used in controller mode to force the gain and phase of a signal chain toward predetermined setpoints. The AD8302 comprises a closely matched pair of demodulating logarithmic amplifiers, each having 60 dB measurement range. By taking the difference of their outputs, a measurement of the magnitude ratio or gain between the two input signals is available. These signals may even be at different frequencies, allowing the measurement of conversion gain or loss. The AD8302 may be used to determine absolute signal level by applying the unknown signal to one input and a calibrated ac reference signal to the other. With the output stage feedback connection disabled, a comparator may be realized, using the setpoint pins MSET and PSET to program the thresholds.

The signal inputs are single-ended, allowing them to be matched and connected directly to a directional coupler. Their input impedance is nominally k at low frequencies. The AD8302 includes a phase detector of the multiplier type, but with precise phase balance driven by the fully limited signals appearing at the outputs of the two logarithmic amplifiers. Thus, the phase accuracy measurement is independent of signal level over a wide range. The phase and gain output voltages are simultaneously available at loadable ground referenced outputs over the standard output range 1.8 V. The output drivers can source or sink to 8 mA. A loadable, stable reference voltage V is available for precise repositioning of the output range by the user. In controller applications, the connection between the gain output pin VMAG and the setpoint control pin MSET is broken. The desired setpoint is presented to MSET and the VMAG control signal drives an appropriate external variable gain device. Likewise, the feedback path between the phase output pin VPHS and its setpoint control pin PSET may be broken to allow operation as a phase controller. The AD8302 is fabricated on Analog Devices' proprietary, high performance 25 GHz SOI complementary bipolar IC process. It is available a 14-lead TSSOP package and operates over to +85C temperature range. An evaluation board is available.

Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. One Technology Way, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A. Tel: 781/3294700 Fax: 781/326-8703 Analog Devices, Inc., 2002

Product Selection Guide RF Source Booklet Technical Articles Design a Logamp RF Pulse Detector Detecting Fast RF Bursts using Log Amps Log Amps and Directional Couplers Enable VSWR Detection Make Precise Base-Station Power Measurements Measurement and Control of RF Power, Part I Measurement and Control of RF Power, Part II Measurement and Control of RF Power, Part III Measuring the RF Power in CDMA2000 and W-CDMA High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) Measuring VSWR and Gain in Wireless Systems

Application Notes AN-1040: RF Power Calibration Improves Performance of Wireless Transmitters AN-653: Improving Temperature, Stability, and Linearity of High Dynamic Range RMS RF Power Detectors AN-691: Operation of RF Detector Products at Low Frequency Data Sheet AD8302: LF-2.7 GHz RF/IF Gain and Phase Detector Data Sheet

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(TA 5 V, VMAG shorted to MSET, VPHS shorted to PSET, 52.3 shunt resistors connected to INPA and INPB, for Phase measurement PINPA = PINPB, unless otherwise noted.)

Parameter OVERALL FUNCTION Input Frequency Range Gain Measurement Range Phase Measurement Range Reference Voltage Output INPUT INTERFACE Input Simplified Equivalent Circuit Input Voltage Range Center of Input Dynamic Range MAGNITUDE OUTPUT Output Voltage Minimum Output Voltage Maximum Center Point of Output (MCP) Output Current Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth Slew Rate Response Time Rise Time Fall Time Settling Time PHASE OUTPUT Output Voltage Minimum Output Voltage Maximum Phase Center Point Output Current Drive Slew Rate Small Signal Envelope Bandwidth Response Time 100 MHz Dynamic Range Pin VMAG 20 Log (VINPA/VINPB) 20 Log (VINPA/VINPB) +30 dB VINPA = VINPB Source/Sink Pin MFLT Open 40 dB Change, Load pF10 k Any 20 dB Change, 10%90% Any 20 dB Change, 90%10% Full-Scale 60 dB Change, to 1% Settling Pin VPHS Phase Difference 180 Degrees Phase Difference 0 Degrees When INPA = INPB 90 Source/Sink Conditions Min >0 PIN at INPA, PIN at INPB = 30 dBm IN at INPA IN at INPB Pin VREF, TA +85C Pins INPA and INPB To AC Ground, f 500 MHz AC-Coupled (0 dBV 1 V rms) re: Typ Max 2700 Unit MHz dB Degree V kpF dBV dBm dBV dBm mV mA MHz V/s mV mA V/s MHz ns dB mV/dB dB Degree mV/Degree Degree

Any 15 Degree Change, 10%90% 120 Degree Change CFILT = 1 pF, to 1% Settling MAGNITUDE OUTPUT 1 dB Linearity PREF = 30 dBm (VREF = 43 dBV) 0.5 dB Linearity PREF = 30 dBm (VREF = 43 dBV) 0.2 dB Linearity PREF = 30 dBm (VREF = 43 dBV) From Linear Regression Deviation from Output TA +85C, PINPA = PINPB = 30 dBm Deviation from Best Fit Curve TA +85C, PINPA 25 dB, PINPB = 30 dBm PINPA = PINPB = 5 dBm to 50 dBm PHASE OUTPUT Less than 1 Degree Deviation from Best Fit Line Less than 10% Deviation in Instantaneous Slope From Linear Regression about or +90 Deviation from Output TA +85C, Delta Phase = 90 Degrees Deviation from Best Fit Curve TA +85C, Delta Phase 30 Degrees

Gain Measurement Balance Dynamic Range Slope (Absolute Value) Deviation vs. Temperature


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