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FEATURES Excellent Sonic Characteristics Low Noise: 6 nV/Hz Low Distortion: 0.0006% High Slew Rate: 22 V/s Wide Bandwidth: 9 MHz Low Supply Current: 5 mA Low Offset Voltage: 1 mV Low Offset Current: 2 nA Unity Gain Stable SOIC-8 Package PDIP-8 Package APPLICATIONS High Performance Audio Active Filters Fast Amplifiers Integrators GENERAL DESCRIPTION PIN CONNECTIONS 8-Lead Narrow-Body SOIC (S Suffix)

The OP275 is the first amplifier to feature the Butler Amplifier front end. This new front end design combines both bipolar and JFET transistors to attain amplifiers with the accuracy and low noise performance of bipolar transistors, and the speed and sound quality of JFETs. Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise equals that of previous audio amplifiers, but at much lower supply currents. A very low l/f corner of below 6 Hz maintains a flat noise density response. Whether noise is measured at either or 1 kHz, it is only 6 nVHz. The JFET portion of the input stage gives the OP275 its high slew rates to keep distortion low, even when large output swings are required, and the 22 V/s slew rate of the OP275 is the fastest of any standard audio amplifier. Best of all, this low noise and high speed are accomplished using less than mA of supply current, lower than any standard audio amplifier.

Improved dc performance is also provided with bias and offset currents greatly reduced over purely bipolar designs. Input offset voltage is guaranteed 1 mV and is typically less than 200 V. This allows the to be used in many dc-coupled or summing applications without the need for special selections or the added noise of additional offset adjustment circuitry. The output is capable of driving 600 loads 10 V rms while maintaining low distortion. THD + Noise 3 V rms is a low 0.0006%. The OP275 is specified over the extended industrial to +85C) temperature range. OP275s are available in both plastic DIP and SOIC-8 packages. SOIC-8 packages are available in 2500-piece reels. Many audio amplifiers are not offered in SOIC-8 surface-mount packages for a variety of reasons; however, the OP275 was designed so that it would offer full performance in surface-mount packaging.

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Application Notes AN-211: The Alexander Current-Feedback Audio Power Amplifier AN-356: User's Guide to Applying and Measuring Operational Amplifier Specifications AN-649: Using the Analog Devices Active Filter Design Tool Data Sheet OP275: Dual Bipolar/JFET, Audio Operational Amplifier Data Sheet

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Parameter AUDIO PERFORMANCE THD + Noise Voltage Noise Density Current Noise Density Headroom INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Offset Voltage Input Bias Current Input Offset Current Input Voltage Range Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Large Signal Voltage Gain Offset Voltage Drift OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Output Voltage Swing

POWER SUPPLY Power Supply Rejection Ratio Supply Current

Supply Voltage Range DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Slew Rate Full-Power Bandwidth Gain Bandwidth Product Phase Margin Overshoot Factor


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