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TitleCircular Metric Connectors SACC-M12FST 3PECON-PG11-M

Phoenix Contact M12 Power Connectors and Cable Assemblies provide a robust watertight connection for high power in AC or DC voltages. Both versions are coded to prevent mis-mating with signal connectors and connectors with differing voltages. Available with PCB connectors, cable connectors, and single ended cable assemblies.Additional Resources: Phoenix Contact Cable Entry System (CES)

CompanyPhoenix Contact
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1404642: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-M12FSS- 3PECON-PG11-M
1424136: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12MST- 4CON-M16/0.5
1404643: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-M12MST 3PECON-PG11-M
1404641: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-M12MSS 3PECON-PG11-M
1424133: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12FSS 4CON-M16/0,5PE
1424102: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-FRS/ 5.0-PUR PE SH SCO
1424115: Specialised Cables SAC-4P-FST/10,0-PUR SH SCO
1424132: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12MSS- 4CON-M16/0.5PE
1406411: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-CI-M12FST-4CON L180 THR
1406412: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-CI-M12FST-4CON L180 THR S
1424134: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12FST 4CON-M16/0,5
1411654: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-E-M12FSS 3P-M16/0,5 PE
1411653: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12MSS 3P-M16/0,5 PE
1406396: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-CI-M12MST-4CON L180 THR
1408813: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MST/ 2.0-PUR SCO
1424140: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-E-M12MST- 4CON-M16/0.5
1424122: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MST/ 5,0-PUR SH SCO
1424098: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-FSS/ 5,0 PUR PE SH SCO
1411652: Circular Metric Connectors SACC-DSI-M12FSS 3P-M16/0,5 PE
1408841: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MRS/ 5.0-PUR PE SCO
1408814: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MST/ 5.0-PUR SCO
1424109: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MRS/ 3,0 PUR PE SH SCO
1408820: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MRT/ 5 0-PUR SCO
1424105: Sensor Cables / Actuator Cables SAC-4P-MSS/ 3,0 PUR PE SH SCO


Features, Applications

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Connector, 4-position, Socket straight M12, T-coded, Screw connection, Knurl material: Zinc die-cast, nickelplated, Cable gland Pg11, External cable diameter 8 mm... 10 mm, for direct current A/60 V

Safe use in the field, thanks to a high degree of protection Flexible: connectors for on-site assembly Screw connection: proven connection technology for a large selection of different conductors High-performance: DC connectors for 12 A and V DC Protection against incorrect connection using special T-coding

Packing unit Weight per Piece (excluding packing) Custom tariff number Country of origin g 85366990 Germany

Ambient temperature (operation) Degree of protection -40 °C... 85 °C (Plug / socket) IP67

Note Rated current at 40°C Strip 22 mm off the cable sheath, strip 7 mm off the conductor insulation, crimp the ferrule, then shorten this to 5 mm. Length of conductor with shortened ferrule: 20 mm. Connect conductors and tighten the mounting screws with 0.2 Nm. 12 A (When using 1.5 mm² conductors) 04/13/2016 Page / 5

Rated voltage Number of positions Insulation resistance Coding Standards/regulations Status display Overvoltage category Degree of pollution Connection method Conductor cross section Conductor cross section AWG Insertion/withdrawal cycles Torque G T power IEC 61076-2-111 No III 3 Screw connection 0.75 mm²... 1.5 mm² Nm (M12 knurl) 1 Nm... 1.4 Nm (Pressure nut with coupling sleeve) Screw plug insert with sleeve housing as far it will 0.2 Nm (Screw terminal blocks) Assembly instructions The wires can be connected both with ferrules and without ferrules

Flammability rating according UL 94 Contact material Contact surface material Contact carrier material Material of grip body Material, knurls Sealing material V0 CuZn Au PA Zinc die-cast, nickel-plated Viton (M12 socket) NBR (Cable clamping)


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Phoenix Contact M12 Power Connectors and Cable Assemblies provide a robust watertight connection for high power in AC or DC voltages. Both versions are coded to prevent mis-mating with signal connectors

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