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Part29500F 0101000
TitleCABLE 4COND 16AWG BLACK 1000&39;

Transmit the power needed to run industrial machine motors, no matter the environment. Belden's series of UL-rated, extra flexible VFD cables provides supremely pliable, flexible constructions for use on-machines (16-8 AWG) and increases the ease of installation without sacrificing any crucial elements needed for true VFD constructions.

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29501F 0101000: CABLE 4COND 14AWG BLACK 1000&39;
29502F 0101000: CABLE 4COND 12AWG BLACK 1000&39;
29503F 0101000: CABLE 4COND 10AWG BLACK 1000&39;


Features, Applications

29500F Multi-Conductor 1000V UL Flexible Motor Supply Cable For more Information please call 1-800-Belden1

4-cond. (3) stranded tinned copper circuit conductors, (1) ground wire with PVC insulation, XLP insulation, Overall Duofoil® (100% coverage) plus a tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage) , tinned copper drain wire, Oil & Sun-resistant TPE jacket.

Suitable Applications: AC Motor Drives, VFD, Variable Frequency Drive
AWG: # Conductors AWG Stranding Conductor Material TC - Tinned Copper 3

Ground Wire (Y/N): Ground Wire AWG: Ground Wire Stranding: Ground Wire Conductor Material: Ground Wire Insulation Material: TC - Tinned Copper PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

Insulation Material: Insulation Material Wall Thickness (in.) XLP - Cross Linked Polyolefin 0.045 Insulation Resistance: Insulation Color Code Chart: Number Color Black and Numbered 1 Black and Numbered 2 Black and Numbered 3 Green/Yellow 300 Megaohms/1000 ft.

Outer Shield Material: Layer # Outer Shield Trade Name Type Outer Shield Material 1 2 Outer Shield Drain Wire AWG: AWG Stranding Drain Wire Conductor Material TC - Tinned Copper Duofoil® Braid TC - Tinned Copper Coverage 85 Tape Aluminum Foil-Polyester Tape 100

Outer Jacket Material: Outer Jacket Material Nom. Wall Thickness (in.) TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer 0.063

Overall Cabling Separator Material: Overall Nominal Diameter: Non-Woven Polyester Slip Tape 0.528 in.

Bulk Cable Weight: Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: Min. Bend Radius/Minor Axis: Min. Bend Radius (Continuous Flexing): Flex Cycle Rating: 160 lbs/1000 ft. 128 lbs. 2.600 in. 4 in. 10 Million Flexes

NEC/(UL) Specification: NEC Articles: CEC/C(UL) Specification: EU Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS II): EU CE Mark: EU Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV): EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS): EU RoHS Compliance Date (mm/dd/yyyy): EU Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE): EU Directive 2003/11/EC (BFR): CA Prop 65 (CJ for Wire & Cable): MII Order #39 (China RoHS): Other Specification: TC-ER, Unlisted Singles, WTTC ER 600V Type CIC TC Yes 10/13/2005 Yes 1000V UL Flexible Motor Supply Cable

UL Flame Test: CSA Flame Test: IEEE Flame Test: UL1685 UL Loading FT4 1202, IEEE 383 Vertical Tray Flame Test (70,000 BTU)

Suitability - Indoor: Suitability - Outdoor: Suitability - Burial: Sunlight Resistance: Oil Resistance: Yes - Oil Res II

Nom. Characteristic Impedance: Impedance (Ohm) 90 Nom. Inductance: Inductance (µH/ft) 0.230 Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: Capacitance (pF/ft) 21 Nom. Capacitance Cond. to Other Conductor & Shield: Capacitance (pF/ft) 38 Nom. Conductor DC Resistance: DCR 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft) 4.0 Max. Operating Voltage - UL: Voltage 1000 V RMS (Flexible Motor Supply Cable) 600 V RMS (NEC Type TC) Max. Recommended Current: Current 18 Amps per conductor @ 30°C (per NEC)

Item 29500F 0106000 Putup 6,000 FT Ship Weight 1,068.000 LB Color BLACK Notes Item Desc 4 #16 XLPO/PVC SH TPE 4 #16 XLPO/PVC SH TPE

Although Belden makes every reasonable effort to ensure their accuracy at the time of this publication, information and specifications described herein are subject to error or omission and to change without notice, and the listing of such information and specifications does not ensure product availability. Belden provides the information and specifications herein on an "AS IS" basis, with no representations or warranties, whether express, statutory or implied. In no event will Belden be liable for any damages (including consequential, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or exemplary damages) whatsoever, even if Belden has been advised of the possibility of such damages, whether in an action under contract, negligence or any other theory, arising out or in connection with the use, or inability to use, the information or specifications described herein. All sales of Belden products are subject to Belden's standard terms and conditions of sale. Belden believes this product be in compliance with EU RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC, 27-Jan-2003). Material manufactured prior to the compliance date may be in stock at Belden facilities and in our Distributor's inventory. The information provided in this Product Disclosure, and the identification of materials listed as reportable or restricted within the Product Disclosure, is correct to the best of Belden's knowledge, information, and belief at the date of its publication. The information provided in this Product Disclosure is designed only as a general guide for the safe handling, storage, and any other operation of the product itself or the one that it becomes a part of. This Product Disclosure is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification. Regulatory information is for guidance purposes only. Product users are responsible for determining the applicability of legislation and regulations based on their individual usage of the product. Belden declares this product be in compliance with EU LVD (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU).


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Transmit the power needed to run industrial machine motors, no matter the environment. Belden's series of UL-rated, extra flexible VFD cables provides supremely pliable, flexible constructions for use on-machines

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