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SiTime’s SiT1630 series of MEMs resonators ultra-small and ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillators which are optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. This family is a low-power alternative to existing 32 kHz oscillators and its 1.5 V to 3.63 V operating supply voltage range make it an ideal solution for mobile, handheld, and IoT applications. These devices consist of MEMS resonators and a programmable analog circuit. These MEMS resonators are built with SiTime’s unique MEMS First™ process. A key manufacturing step is EpiSeal™ during which the MEMS resonator is annealed with temperatures over 1000°C. EpiSeal creates an extremely strong, clean vacuum chamber that encapsulates the MEMS resonator and ensures the best performance and reliability. Compared to legacy quartz products, SiTime’s SiT1630 family in the CSP is up to 80% smaller with a 1.2 mm2 total footprint.

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The Smart Timing Choice The Smart Timing Choice

<20 ppm initial tolerance <100 ppm stability over to +85C Small SMD package: mm (2012)[1] Ultra-low power: 1.0 A typ Vdd supply range: to 3.63V Operating temperature ranges: to +105C[1]

Industrial timekeeping Industrial battery management Multi-drop 32 kHz clock distribution Bluetooth modules WiFi modules RTC Reference Clock

Internal filtering eliminates external Vdd bypass capacitors Pb-free, RoHS and REACH compliant

Note: 1. For the smallest 32 kHz XO in CSP (1.2mm2), consider the SiT1532. Contact Factory for to +105C availability.

Parameter Output Frequency Initial Tolerance [2] Frequency Stability Over Temperature [3] 25C Aging Operating Supply Voltage Vdd Symbol Fout F_init F_stab 1.5 1.0 Operating Current Idd 2.20 2.80 Power-Supply Ramp t_Vdd_ Ramp 180 Start-up Time at Power-up T_start 800 Commercial Temperature Industrial Temperature Extended Industrial Temperature T_use ms A Min. Typ. ppm V Max. Unit kHz ppm = 25C, post reflow, Vdd: to +70C, Vdd: to +85C, Vdd: to +105C, Vdd: 3.63V. 1st Year TA = over temperature = 25C, Vdd: 3.3V. No load to +70C, Vdd max: 3.63V. No load to +85C, Vdd max: 3.63V. No load to +105C, Vdd max: 3.63V. No load Over temperature, to 90% Vdd = +105C Temp code "C" in part number ordering Temp code "I" in part number ordering Temp code "E" in part number ordering. Contact Factory for Availability. 15 pF load, Vdd to 3.63V Vdd: 3.63V. IOH 15 pF Vdd: 3.63V. IOL pF 80% LVCMOS swing, TA = over temperature, Vdd to 3.3V Cycles = 25C Condition Frequency and Stability Frequency Stability

LVCMOS Output, TA = Over Temperature, typical values are = 25C Output Rise/Fall Time Output Clock Duty Cycle Output Voltage High Output Voltage Low Maximum Output Drive Period Jitter T_jitt 35 tr, tf DC VOH VOL V pF nsRMS

Notes: 2. Measured peak-to-peak. Tested with Agilent 53132A frequency counter. Due to the low operating frequency, the gate time must ms to ensure an accurate frequency measurement. 3. Measured peak-to-peak. Inclusive of Initial Tolerance at 25C, and variations over operating temperature, rated power supply voltage and load. SiTime Corporation Rev 1.2 990 Almanor Avenue, Sunnyvale, (408) 328-4400 Revised November 25, 2014

SMD Pin Symbol NC GND CLK Out Vdd I/O No Connect Power Supply Ground OUT Power Supply Functionality No Connect. Will not respond to any input signal. Connect to ground. All GND pins must be connected to power supply ground. Oscillator clock output. When interfacing to an MCU's XTAL input, the CLK Out is typically connected to the receiving IC's X IN pin. Connect to power supply 1.5V Vdd 3.63V. Under normal operating conditions, Vdd does not require external bypass/decoupling capacitor(s). Internal power supply filtering will reject more than 150 mVpp with frequency components through 10 MHz.

Attempted operation outside the absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the part. Actual performance of the IC is only guaranteed within the operational specifications, not at absolute maximum ratings.

Parameter Continuous Power Supply Voltage Range (Vdd) Short Duration Maximum Power Supply Voltage (Vdd) Short Duration Maximum Operating Temperature Range Human Body Model ESD Protection Charge-Device Model (CDM) ESD Protection Machine Model (MM) ESD Protection Latch-up Tolerance Mechanical Shock Resistance Mechanical Vibration Resistance 2012 SMD Junction Temperature Storage Temperature 30 minutes, over to +85C Vdd 3.63V, 30 mins HBM, 25C JESD78 Compliant Mil 883, Method 2002 Mil 883, Method g C Test Condition Value -0.5 to Unit C V


SiTime's MEMS oscillators consist of MEMS resonators and a programmable analog circuit. Our MEMS resonators are built with SiTime's unique MEMS FirstTM process. A key manufacturing step is EpiSealTM during which the MEMS resonator is annealed with temperatures over 1000C. EpiSeal creates an extremely strong, clean, vacuum chamber that encapsulates the MEMS resonator and ensures the best performance and reliability. During EpiSeal, a poly silicon cap is grown on top of the resonator cavity, which eliminates the need for additional cap wafers or other exotic packaging. As a result, SiTime's MEMS resonator die can be used like any other semiconductor die. One unique result of SiTime's MEMS First and EpiSeal manufacturing processes is the capability to integrate SiTime's MEMS die with a SOC, ASIC, microprocessor or analog die within a package to eliminate external timing components and provide a highly integrated, smaller, cheaper solution to the customer.

The is an ultra-small and ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillator optimized for battery-powered applications.

The is an ultra-small 32 kHz oscillator. In addition to eliminating external output load capacitors common with standard XTALs, this device includes special power supply filtering and thus, eliminates the need for an external Vdd bypass-decoupling capacitor. This feature further simplifies the design and keeps the footprint as small as possible. Internal power supply filtering is designed to reject AC-noise greater than 150 mVpp magnitude and beyond 10 MHz frequency component.

The SiT1630 is factory calibrated (trimmed) to guarantee frequency stability to be less than 20 ppm at room temperature and very tight stability over temperature. Unlike quartz crystals that have a classic tuning fork parabola temperature curve with a 25C turnover point, the SiT1630 temperature coefficient is extremely flat across temperature. When measuring the SiT1630 output frequency with a frequency counter, it is important to make sure the counter's gate time is >100 ms. The slow frequency a 32 kHz clock will give false readings with faster gate times.

The SiT1630 starts-up to a valid output frequency within (180 ms typ). To ensure the device starts-up within the specified limit, make sure the power-supply ramps-up in approximately 20 ms (to within 90% of Vdd).


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SiTime’s SiT1630 series of MEMs resonators ultra-small and ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillators which are optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. This family is a low-power


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