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SiTime’s SiT1533 MEMs oscillators are ultra-small, ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillators optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. The SiT1533 is pin-compatible and footprint compatible to existing 2012 XTALs when using the SiTime solder-pad layout (SPL). And unlike standard crystal oscillators, the SiT1533 features NanoDrive™, a factory programmable output that reduces the output voltage swing to minimize power. In addition to eliminating external output load capacitors common with standard XTALs, this device includes special power supply filtering and, thus, eliminates the need for an external VDD bypass-decoupling capacitor. The 1.2 V to 3.63 V operating supply voltage range makes it an ideal solution for mobile and wearable electronics such as handsets, tablets, activity trackers, smart watches, GPS modules, applications that incorporate a low-voltage, battery-back-up source such as a coin-cell or super-cap, and Internet of Things (IoT).

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20 ppm, Ultra-Low Power 32.768 kHz Quartz XTAL Replacement

Small SMD package: 1.2 mm Fixed 32.768 kHz output frequency <20 ppm frequency tolerance Ultra-low power: <1 A

Mobile Phones Tablets Health and Wellness Monitors Fitness Watches Sport Video Cams Wireless Keypads Ultra-Small Notebook PC Pulse-per-Second (pps) Timekeeping RTC Reference Clock Battery Management Timekeeping

Supports coin-cell or super-cap battery backup voltages Vdd supply range: to 3.63V over to +85C Oscillator output eliminates external load caps Internal filtering eliminates external Vdd bypass cap NanoDriveTM programmable output swing for lowest power Pb-free, RoHS and REACH compliant

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition Frequency and Stability Fixed Output Frequency Tolerance [2] Frequency Stability [3] 25C Aging Fout 32.768 kHz Frequency Stability F_tol F_stab ppm = 25C, post reflow, Vdd: to +70C, Vdd: to +85C, Vdd: to +70C, Vdd: 1.5V. 1st Year

Supply Voltage and Current Consumption Operating Supply Voltage Vdd 1.5 0.90 Core Operating Current [4] Output Stage Operating Current [4] Power-Supply Ramp Start-up Time at Power-up [5] Idd Idd_out t_Vdd_ Ramp t_start ms A/Vpp = 25C, Vdd: 1.8V. No load to +70C, Vdd max: 3.63V. No load to +85C, Vdd max: 3.63V. No load to +85C, Vdd: 3.63V. No load to 90% Vdd TA +50C, valid output TA +85C, valid output

Operating Temperature Range Commercial Temperature Industrial Temperature T_use C

Notes: 2. Measured peak-to-peak. Tested with Agilent 53132A frequency counter. Due to the low operating frequency, the gate time must ms to ensure an accurate frequency measurement. 3. Stability is specified for two operating voltage ranges. Stability progressively degrades with supply voltage below 1.5V. Measured peak-to-peak. Inclusive of Initial Tolerance at 25C, and variations over operating temperature, rated power supply voltage and load. 4. Core operating current does not include output driver operating current or load current. To derive total operating current (no load), add core operating current + (0.065 A/V) * (peak-to-peak output Voltage swing). 5. Measured from the time Vdd reaches 1.5V.

Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition LVCMOS Output Option, to +85C, typical values are = 25C Output Rise/Fall Time Output Clock Duty Cycle Output Voltage High Output Voltage Low tr, tf DC VOH VOL % V Vdd: 3.63V. IOH 15 pF Vdd: 3.63V. IOL pF 30-70% (VOL/VOH), 10 pF Load SiT1533 does not internally AC-couple. This output description is intended for a receiver that is AC-coupled. See Table 2 for acceptable NanoDrive swing options. Vdd: 10 pF Load, IOH / IOL 0.2 A. Vdd: 3.63V. IOH 10 pF Load. See Table 1 for acceptable VOH/VOL setting levels. Vdd: 3.63V. IOL 10 pF Load. See Table 1 for acceptable VOH/VOL setting levels. to +85C, Vdd to 3.63V. Cycles = 25C, Vdd 3.63V 10-90% (Vdd), 15 pF load, Vdd 3.63V 10-90% (Vdd), 5 pF load, Vdd 1.62V

NanoDriveTM Programmable, Reduced Swing Output Rise/Fall Time Output Clock Duty Cycle AC-coupled Programmable Output Swing DC-Biased Programmable Output Voltage High Range DC-Biased Programmable Output Voltage Low Range Programmable Output Voltage Swing Tolerance Period Jitter T_jitt tf, tf DC V_sw % V

SMD Pin 1 Symbol NC I/O No Connect Power Supply Ground Functionality No Connect. Will not respond to any input signal. When interfacing to an MCU's XTAL input pins, this pin is typically connected to the receiving IC's X Out pin. In this case, the SiT1533 will not be affected by the signal on this pin. If not interfacing to an XTAL oscillator, leave pin 1 floating (no connect). Connect to ground. All GND pins must be connected to power supply ground. Oscillator clock output. When interfacing to an MCU's XTAL, the CLK Out is typically connected to the receiving IC's X IN pin. The SiT1533 oscillator output includes an internal driver. As a result, the output swing and operation is not dependent on capacitive loading. This makes the output much more flexible, layout independent, and robust under changing environmental and manufacturing conditions. Connect to power supply 1.5V Vdd 3.63V for operation over to +85C temperature range. Under normal operating conditions, Vdd does not require external bypass/decoupling capacitor(s). Internal power supply filtering will reject more than 150 mVpp with frequency components through 10 MHz. Contact factory for applications that require a wider operating supply voltage range.

Attempted operation outside the absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the part. Actual performance of the IC is only guaranteed within the operational specifications, not at absolute maximum ratings.

Parameter Continuous Power Supply Voltage Range (Vdd) Short Duration Maximum Power Supply Voltage (Vdd) Continuous Maximum Operating Temperature Range Short Duration Maximum Operating Temperature Range Human Body Model ESD Protection Charge-Device Model (CDM) ESD Protection Machine Model (MM) ESD Protection Latch-up Tolerance Mechanical Shock Resistance Mechanical Vibration Resistance 2012 SMD Junction Temperature Storage Temperature 30 minutes, over to +85C Vdd - 3.63V Vdd 3.63V, 30 mins HBM, 25C JESD78 Compliant Mil 883, Method 2002 Mil 883, Method g C Test Condition Value -0.5 to Unit C V


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SiTime’s SiT1533 MEMs oscillators are ultra-small, ultra-low power 32.768 kHz oscillators optimized for mobile and other battery-powered applications. The SiT1533 is pin-compatible and footprint

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