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XP Power launches the CHD250 AC-DC power supply series of ultra-efficient 250 W convection cooled single-output units for applications that require medium power in an open frame, fan-less design. With a compact 3" x 5" standard footprint that fits within a 1U height, the series meets international safety approvals for industrial and medical equipment.

CompanyXP Power
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250 W Convection-cooled Industry Standard 5"Package 80 VAC to 300 VAC Input 5V Standby (optional) <0.5W Standby Power IT & Medical (BF) Safety Approvals Power Fail & Inhibit Signals 3 Year Warranty

The universal AC input CHD250 provides 250W of convection cooled output power x 5" industry standard package, over the temperature range to +50C with derating to +70C. Approved for IT and Medical and with a feature set including a 5V standby output, <0.5W input power when in standby mode, power fail and inhibit signals the CHD250 is ideal for a wide range of applications where fan cooling is not desirable.

1. Add suffix `-C' for cover version e.g. CHD250PS24-C (derating will be applicable, see derating curve fig. 8). 2. Add suffix -A for 5 V standby option or -AC for standby and cover options combined, (derating will be applicable, see derating curve fig. 8).

Output Terminals M4 Screws in 2 positions. Torque 8lbs-in (90 cNm) max.

Characteristic Input Voltage - Operating Input Voltage - Fault Condition Input Frequency Power Factor Input Current - Full Load No Load Input Power Inrush Current Earth Leakage Current Input Protection A/250 V internal fuse in both AC lines 40 250 Minimum 80 Typical 115/230 Maximum 300 63

Notes & Conditions Derate output power < 90 VAC. See fig. 1 5 seconds max Agency approval, Hz EN61000-3-2 class A compliant 115/230 VAC All models, when inhibit activated AC 264 VAC cold start Typ. 115/230 VAC 50 Hz, Max 264 VAC 60 Hz

Characteristic Output Voltage Initial Set Accuracy Output Voltage Adjustment Minimum Load Start Up Delay Hold Up Time Drift Line Regulation Load Regulation Transient Response Ripple & Noise Overvoltage Protection Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Temperature Coefficient Overtemperature Protection Patient Leakage Current A 0.05 %/C Not fitted VAC/60 Hz Minimum 12 Typical Maximum 1 +5/-4 Units VDC ms pk-pk % 115/230 VAC full load from input AC turn on 90 VAC, full load After 20 min warm up 90-264 VAC at 50% load On V1, from 0-100% load Recovery within 1% in less than 500 s for a 50-75%-50% load change 20 MHz bandwidth Vnom DC. Output 1, recycle input to reset Trip & Restart characteristic V1 Shutdown and auto recovery Notes & Conditions See Models and Ratings table 50% load, 115/230 VAC

Characteristic Efficiency Isolation: Input to Output Input to Ground Output to Ground Switching Frequency 63 56-91 Power Density Mean Time Between Failure 0.94 (425) Weight Minimum Typical 93-94

Notes & Conditions 230 VAC full load 2 x MOPP 1 X MOPP 1 X MOPP PFC Boost Main converter Standby (optional) MIL-HDBK-217F, Notice CHD250PSxx-C CHD250PSxx-AC


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XP Power launches the CHD250 AC-DC power supply series of ultra-efficient 250 W convection cooled single-output units for applications that require medium power in an open frame, fan-less design. With


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