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TitleModules Accessories Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier (1xGbE, 2x USB3, 1x USB2, 1x CSI-2 for B102, 2x UART, SPI/GPIO, IMU = MPU-9250 9 axis sensor) (38198-3)
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70502: Interface Modules HDMI to CSI-2 bridge (ships with 22 pin FFC cable) (38127-2)
70703: Modules Accessories Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier with 6 CSI-2 connectors with MPU-9250 IMU (38227-2) I2C address shift by 2
70702: Modules Accessories Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier with 4 CSI-2 connectors (with IMU = MPU-9250 9 axis sensor) (38188-3)
29052: Heat Sinks silver aluminum heatsink and fan for the Jetson TX1/TX2 (dev kit version) type: Cooler Master DCV-01672-N2-GP


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The J120 carrier board is slightly larger than the TX1 compute module. It has the same height but it extends out to the left side, to make room for the USB3 and RJ45 connectors. It is plugged in below the TX1 and brings out many interfaces on connectors.

carrier board for one NVIDIAŽ JetsonTM TX1 compute module standalone operation one 4 lane CSI-2 (22 pin FPC 0.5mm pitch) - B102 micro SD card two USB3 type A RJ45 connector for 10/100/1000BT Ethernet UART 0 (3.3V TTL) (6 pin) - console access one I2S digital audio (6 pins each) fan connector (4 pin) mini HDMI out M.2 type M 2280 (not operational on J120 rev 1) size: 119 mm (size of the PCB) height: 16 mm (incl. TX1 without heatsink without height of bottom side components of J100) height: 21 mm (incl. TX1 without heatsink including height of bottom side components of J100) weight: 42 grams (just the J120) TX1 weight: 144 grams (TX1 with heatsink), 75 grams (TX1 w/o heatsink) mounting: 4 M3 holes with 3.2mm each 79 mm spacing 4 mm from each edge) model: 38198 (J120 rev 1)

power: 12V typical (4 pin) - 2 power pins for redundant powering range: 17V do not use the 19V power supply of the Jetson TX1 dev kit - it will damage the J120 carrier board


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