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40 W Convection Rating by 3" Footprint Low 1.1" Profile High Efficiency Medical and ITE Approvals Class I & Class II Installations High Power Density Less than W No Load Input Power 3 Year Warranty

Dimensions: The ECF40 series is designed to minimize the no load power consumption and maximize efficiency to facilitate equipment design to meet the latest environmental legislation. Approved for medical and ECF40: ITE applications in either Class I or Class II installations, this range of single output AC-DC power supplies x 28.0 mm) are packaged in a low profile 1.1" height with a foot print of just by 3". The ECF40 provides to 40W convection-cooled over the full 90-264 VAC input range, and operates down to 80 VAC with minimal de-rating. The power supply features two AC line fuses and low leakage currents required by medical applications. The low profile, low noise and safety approvals covering ITE and medical standards allows the versatile ECF40 series to be used in a wide range of applications.

1. Typical efficiency measured at full load and 230 VAC input.

Mates with JST housing VHR-3N and JST Series SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp terminals Mounting hole marked with must be connected to safety earth for class I applications

Mates with JST housing VHR-2N and JST Series SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp terminals
1. All dimensions shown in inches (mm). Tolerance: (0.5) 2. Weight: 0.15 lbs (69 g) approx.

Characteristic Input Range No Load Input Power Efficiency Operating Temperature Safety Approvals ITE Medical 90 +70 Minimum 80 Typical 115/230 Maximum 264 0.15

Notes & Conditions Derate output from at 90 VAC at 85 VAC and at 80 VAC 230 VAC (see & 2) See derating curve (fig.3)

Characteristic Input Voltage - Operating Input Frequency Power Factor Input Current - Full Load Inrush Current Earth Leakage Current No load Input Power Input Protection A W Minimum 80 47 Typical 115/230 50/60 Maximum 264 63 Units VAC Hz Notes & Conditions Derate output from at 90 VAC at 85 VAC and at 80 VAC Agency approval, Hz EN61000-3-2 class A 115/230 VAC 264 VAC cold start, VAC/60 Hz

Characteristic Output Voltage Initial Set Accuracy Output Voltage Adjustment Minimum Load Start Up Delay Output Rise Time Hold Up Time Line Regulation Load Regulation Transient Response Over/Undershoot Ripple & Noise Overvoltage Protection Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection Temperature Coefficient 0.05 %/C Minimum 12 Typical Maximum 48 1 Units VDC ms pk-pk % I nom Continuous trip and restart (hiccup) Min at full load 115/230 VAC 90-264 VAC 0-100% load. Recovery within 1% in less than 500 s for a 50-75% and 75-50% load step Full load V/15-48 V models Vnom, recycle input to reset No minimum load required Notes & Conditions See Models and Ratings table 50% load, 115/230 VAC

Characteristic Efficiency Isolation: Input to Output Input to Ground Output to Ground Power Density Mean Time Between Failure Weight Minimum Typical 90 Maximum Units % VAC W/in3 kHrs lb(g) MIL-HDBK-217F, Notice C GB Notes & Conditions Average active mode efficiency 50%, 75% and 100% load 2 MOPP 1 MOPP 1 MOPP at output voltage

Characteristic Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity Operating Altitude Shock Vibration Minimum -40 5 Typical Maximum Units C %RH m Non-condensing ITE/Medical Notes & Conditions See derating curve, fig.3

x 30g shocks in each plane, total 18 shocks. 11ms 0.5msecs), half sine. Conforms to EN60068-2-27 Single axis at 2g sweep and endurance at resonance in all 3 planes. Conforms to EN60068-2-6


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