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ON Semiconductor's NVxFS5CxxxNL family of automotive power MOSFETs are housed in a 5 mm x 6 mm flat lead package designed for compact and efficient designs that include high thermal performance. A wettable flank option is available for enhanced optical inspection. AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFET and PPAP capable suitable for automotive applications.

CompanyON Semiconductor
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Small Footprint x 3.3 mm) for Compact Design Low RDS(on) to Minimize Conduction Losses Low Capacitance to Minimize Driver Losses NVTFS5C466NLWF - Wettable Flanks Product AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable These Devices are Pb-Free and are RoHS Compliant

Parameter Drain-to-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current RqJC (Notes Power Dissipation RqJC (Notes 2, 3) Continuous Drain Current RqJA (Notes Power Dissipation RqJA (Notes 1, 3) Pulsed Drain Current = 25C Steady State = 25C Steady State 10 ms IDM TJ, Tstg IS EAS ID PD Symbol VDSS VGS ID Value C W

Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Source Current (Body Diode) Single Pulse Drain-to-Source Avalanche Energy (IL(pk) 3 A) Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes (1/8 from case for 10 s)

= Specific Device Code = Assembly Location = Year = Work Week = Pb-Free Package

Stresses exceeding those listed in the Maximum Ratings table may damage the device. If any of these limits are exceeded, device functionality should not be assumed, damage may occur and reliability may be affected.

See detailed ordering, marking and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 6 of this data sheet.

Parameter Junction-to-Case - Steady State (Note 3) Junction-to-Ambient - Steady State (Note 3) Symbol RqJC RqJA Value 3.5 48 Unit C/W

1. The entire application environment impacts the thermal resistance values shown, they are not constants and are only valid for the particular conditions noted. 2. Psi ) is used as required per JESD51-12 for packages in which substantially less than 100% of the heat flows to single case surface. 3. Surface-mounted on FR4 board using mm2, 2 oz. Cu pad. 4. Continuous DC current rating. Maximum current for pulses as long as 1 second is higher but is dependent on pulse duration and duty cycle.

Parameter OFF CHARACTERISTICS Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Temperature Coefficient Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current V(BR)DSS V(BR)DSS/ TJ IDSS VGS 0 V, VDS = 125C VGS nA V mV/C mA Symbol Test Condition Min Typ Max Unit

Gate-to-Source Leakage Current ON CHARACTERISTICS (Note 5) Gate Threshold Voltage Drain-to-Source On Resistance

Forward Transconductance CHARGES AND CAPACITANCES Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Total Gate Charge Threshold Gate Charge Gate-to-Source Charge Gate-to-Drain Charge Total Gate Charge


SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS (Note 6) Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time td(on) tr td(off) tf VGS 4.5 V, VDS W ns

DRAIN-SOURCE DIODE CHARACTERISTICS Forward Diode Voltage VSD VGS 0.8 22 VGS 0 V, dlS/dt = 100 A/ms, 1.2 V

Reverse Recovery Time Charge Time Discharge Time Reverse Recovery Charge

Product parametric performance is indicated in the Electrical Characteristics for the listed test conditions, unless otherwise noted. Product performance may not be indicated by the Electrical Characteristics if operated under different conditions. 5. Pulse Test: Pulse Width 300 ms, Duty Cycle 2%. 6. Switching characteristics are independent of operating junction temperatures.

Figure 4. On-Resistance vs. Drain Current and Gate Voltage


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ON Semiconductor's NVxFS5CxxxNL family of automotive power MOSFETs are housed in a 5 mm x 6 mm flat lead package designed for compact and efficient designs that include high thermal performance. A wettable


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