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TitleAir Quality Sensors MOS Oxidizing Gases
CompanyAmphenol SGX Sensortech
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Features, Applications

The is a robust MEMS sensor for nitrogen dioxide and leakage detection.

Smallest footprint for compact designs x 1.55 mm) Robust MEMS sensor for harsh environments High-volume manufacturing for low-cost applications Short lead-times

Characteristic OX sensor Sensing resistance in air (see note 1) Symbol R0 Typ Min 0.8 Max 20 Unit k

Notes: 1. Sensing resistance in air R0 is measured under controlled ambient conditions, i.e. synthetic air 23 5C and 10% RH. Sampling test. 2. Sensitivity factor is defined at 0.25 ppm NO2, divided RS in air. Test conditions are 5C and 5% RH. Indicative values only. Sampling test.

IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS: Read the following instructions carefully before using the MiCS-2714 described here to avoid erroneous readings and to prevent the device from permanent damage. The sensor must be reflow soldered in a neutral atmosphere, without soldering flux vapours. The sensor must not be exposed to high concentrations of organic solvents, silicone vapours or cigarette-smoke in order to avoid poisoning the sensitive layer. Heater voltage above the specified maximum rating will destroy the sensor due to overheating. This sensor to be placed in a filtered package that protects it against water and dust projections. SGX sensortech strongly recommends using ESD protection equipment to handle the sensor.

MiCS-2714 with recommended supply circuit (top view)
Power circuit and measurement circuit is 131. This resistor is necessary to obtain the right

temperature on the heater while using a single 5 V power supply. The resulting voltages is typically 1.7 V.

MiCS-2714 with measurement circuit (top view) The voltage measured on the load resistor is directly linked to the resistance of the sensor. RLOAD must W at the lowest in order not to damage the sensitive layer.

Heating voltage Heating current Heating resistance at nominal power

Rating Maximum heater power dissipation Maximum sensitive layer power dissipation Voltage supplyHeating current

Ambient operating temperature Storage temperature range Storage humidity range


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