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TitleProximity Sensors Micro-Displacement Sensor
CompanyOmron Corporation
DatasheetDownload Z4D-C01 datasheet
Product CategoryProximity Sensors
Sensing MethodOptical
Sensing Distance6.5 mm
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Output ConfigurationAnalog
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 65 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 10 C
BrandOmron Electronics
Description/FunctionMicro-displacement Sensor
Height10 mm
Length35.5 mm
Operating Supply Voltage5 V
Width15 mm
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Features, Applications

Enable to detect 10 m level displacement, applicable to detect duplicated paper feeding or deflection amount. Displacement output changes by object colors are stabilized with signal divider circuit. Operating area 6.5 1 mm.

Item Supply voltage LED pulse light emission control signal LED light emission pulse Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC PLS tFP Topr Tstg Rated value to +80 Unit ms C LED Please refer Pulsed Forward Current Rated Curve No freezing or condensation --Remarks

Connector Weight (g) 3.6 Material Case Cover Lens PMMA Polycarbonate

Item Power supply voltage Output voltage Response delay time LED pulse light emission control signal voltage Symbol VCC OUT tr1 tr2 PLS Rated value V to (VCC 100 s max. 500 s max. V to VCC Remarks Ripple (p-p): 10 mV p-p max. *2 *3

Note: Refer to Pulsed Forward Current Rated Curve.
Object: N8.5 Munsell paper with a reflection factor of 70%.

Item Operating area *1 Sensitivity variation *2 Resolution *3 Linearity *4 Value mm -1.4 mV/m 10% max. 10 m max. 2% F.S. (full scale) max.

*1. Distance from Mounting Reference Plane to Target. *2. The sensitivity is defined as slope of the line and it represents the variation in the output voltage per unit length between different products.

Sensitivity variation - V0 (mV/m) mm V0: Output voltage at the point d0 V1: Output voltage at the point d1 d0,d1: Distance between datum clamp face and detective object

*1. Load impedance (between OUT-GND) is set at more than *2. tr1: Rise time of output voltage from *3. tr2: Setup time from PLS rising edge to measured output value rising edge.

*3. This is the value of the electrical noise width in the output signal converted to a distance under the following conditions. (1) Noise width is measured in a waveform after the four times average with an oscilloscope. (2) Ripple noise in the power supply voltage (Vcc): 10 mVp-p max. (3) Distance from mounting reference plane to target: mm (4) Resolution is measured by the voltage of response delay time (tr2). *4. This is the peak-to-peak value of the deviation of the signal output from a straight line. A linearity of 2% F.S. indicates the following value: (1) Distance full-scale converted value: m) (2) Output voltage converted value: 1.4 mV/m 56 mV (for a sensor with a sensitivity of 1.4 mV/m)

Fig 2. Dependency of Object Fig 3. Temperature on Reflection Factor (Typical) Characteristics (Typical)

CPU PSD I/V Conversion Amplifier A/D Conversion Division + V2 Digital output LED Object 5V PLS GND D port Timer D/A Conversion OUT A/D port Output

Output voltage signal is obtained by applying the pulse signal at PLS terminal. Please be careful, it is not obtained by DC voltage applying.

Waiting time Setup Output Waiting time

Output voltage depends on input. After setup time tr2, output signal is obtained according to the distance. After setup, output signal is updated every 80 micro seconds.

* Update every 80 micro seconds. Output signal is reset at pulse input signal falling low level, and start setup over again after next input signal applying.

Detecting Paper Thickness in Printers Detecting Two Sheets of Paper

To ensure safe operation, be sure to read and follow the Instruction Manual provided with the Sensor.

This product is not designed or rated for ensuring safety of persons either directly or indirectly. Do not use it for such purposes.

Precautions for Correct Use Do not use the product in atmospheres or environments that exceed product ratings. This product is for surface mounting. Refer to Soldering Information, Storage and Baking for details. Dispose of this product as industrial waste.

Precautions for Safe Use Do not use the product with a voltage or current that exceeds the rated range.

Applying a voltage or current that is higher than the rated range may result in explosion or fire.
Do not miswire such as the polarity of the power supply voltage.

This product does not resist water. Do not use the product in places where water or oil may be sprayed onto the product.

175778-4 (crimp-type connector) 173977-4 (insulation displacement crimp connector)


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