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TitleSurge Suppressors TTC-6-1X2-24DC-UT
DescriptionPhoenix Contact TERMITRAB Complete Thin Surge Protection offers the industry's narrowest range of surge protective devices (starting at 3.5mm) for measurement, control, and regulation technology. The  TERMITRAB Complete lineup includes a tailored portfolio of various circuits designed for most MCR applications, including protection current loops, analog, digital, or temperature signals. These modular surge protection devices are available in a screw-in or push-in configurations, while offering a stackability that provides significant space savings during system planning. Phoenix Contact TERMITRAB devices are tested with surge currents, installation and operation, vibration, temperatures (-40 to 85C), salt spray, corrosive gas, and more. These modern testing options for TERMITRAB Complete enable comprehensive, standardized simulations of demanding ambient conditions. Their ultra thin profile, reliability, and design flexibility make the TERMITRAB Complete series ideal for process technology, wind power, water and wastewater treatment, traffic signaling, and transportation applications.
CompanyPhoenix Contact
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2906799: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2X1-24DC-UT
2906804: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-1X2-24DC-PT
2907325: Surge Suppressors TTC-3-1X2-24DC-PT
2906805: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2X1-24DC-PT
2906831: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-TVSD-C-24DC- UT-I
2906808: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2XTVSD-24DC-PT
2906841: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-MOV-D-24DC- UT-I
2906713: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-1X2-M-24DC-UTI
2906726: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-1X2-M-24DC-PT- T
2907811: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-FMRS-PT
2906716: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2X1-M-24DC-UT- T
2908439: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2-HC-24DC-PT-I
2906832: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-TVSD-C-48DC- UT-I
2906840: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-MOV-C-120AC- UT-I
2908438: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-2-HC-24DC-UT-I
2907810: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-FMRS-UT
2908729: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-LCP
2906829: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-TVSD-C-12DC-UT TT
2908200: Surge Suppressors TTC-6P-1X2-F-48DC-PT TT
2907326: Surge Suppressors TTC-3-2X1-24DC-PT
2906837: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-MOV-C-24DC- UT-I
2906847: Surge Suppressors TTC-6-TVSD-C-12DC-PT TT
2908843: Surge Suppressors TTC-3-LCP
2906816: Surge Suppressors TTC-6P-2X1-24DC-PT-I


Features, Applications

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Surge protection for a 2-wire floating signal circuit, e.g., 20 mA current loop.

Packing unit GTIN Weight per Piece (excluding packing) Custom tariff number Country of origin g 85363010 Germany 1 STK

Ambient temperature (operation) Ambient temperature (storage/transport) Altitude -40 C... C -40 C... 4000 m (amsl (above mean sea level)) 12/05/2017 Page / 7

Housing material Flammability rating according UL 94 Color Mounting type Design Direction of action PBT V-0 traffic grey A RAL 7042 DIN rail: 35 mm Rail-mountable module, one-piece Line-Line & Line-Signal Ground/Shield & optional Signal Ground/ShieldEarth Ground

IEC test classification C3 D1 Nominal voltage UN Maximum continuous voltage UC Rated current Operating effective current at UC Residual current IPE Nominal discharge current (8/20) s (Core-Core) Nominal discharge current (8/20) s (core-earth) Pulse discharge current Iimp (10/350) s (core-core) Pulse discharge current Iimp (10/350) s (core-ground) Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) s Voltage protection level Up (core-core) mA (40 C) / 5 kA) 100 A) Voltage protection level Up (core-ground) / 5 kA) 100 A) Voltage protection level Up static (core-core) Voltage protection level Up static (core-ground) / 5 kA) / 5 kA) 12/05/2017 Page / 7

Response time tA (core-core) Response time tA (core-earth) Input attenuation aE, sym. Cut-off frequency fg (3 dB), sym. in 150 Ohm system Capacity (core-core) Resistance in series Surge protection fault message Max. required back-up fuse Impulse durability (conductor-conductor) 100 ns typ. ( 250 kHz 150 ) typ. 940 kHz typ. 20 % None 630 mA (FF) 100 A Impulse durability (conductor-ground) 500 A Pulse reset time (conductor-conductor) Pulse reset time (conductor-ground) 1500 ms

Connection method Connection method IN Connection method OUT Screw thread Tightening torque Stripping length Conductor cross section flexible Conductor cross section solid Conductor cross section AWG Screw connection Screw terminal blocks Screw terminal blocks M3 0.5 Nm... mm 0.2 mm... 2.5 mm 0.2 mm... 4 mm 24... 12


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2906799 Phoenix Contact TERMITRAB Complete Thin Surge Protection offers the industry's narrowest range of surge protective devices (starting at 3.5mm) for measurement, control, and regulation technology. The 
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