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TitlePower Management Specialised - PMIC Wearable Charge-Mgmt Solution
CompanyIntegra Technologies
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MAX20303EVKIT#: Power Management IC Development Tools MAX20303 EVKIT


Features, Applications

The is a highly integrated and programmable power management solution designed for ultra-low-power wearable applications. It is optimized for size and efficiency to enhance the value of the end product by extending battery life and shrinking the overall solution size. A flexible set of power-optimized voltage regulators, including multiple bucks, boost, buck-boost, and linear regulators, provides a high level of integration and the ability to create a fully optimized power architecture. The quiescent current of each regulator is specifically suited for 1A (typ) to extend battery life in always-on applications. The MAX20303 includes a complete battery management solution with battery seal, charger, power path, and fuel gauge. Both thermal management and input protection are built into the charger. The device also includes a factory programmable button controller with multiple inputs that are customizable to fit specific product UX requirements. Three integrated LED current sinks are included for indicator or backlighting functions, and an ERM/LRA driver with automatic resonance tracking is capable of providing sophisticated haptic feedback to the user. The device is configurable through an I2C interface that allows for programming various functions and reading device status, including the ability to read temperature and supply voltages with the integrated ADC. This device is available 56-bump, 0.5mm pitch x 4.21mm, wafer-level package (WLP) and operates over the to +85C extended temperature range.

Extend Battery Use Time Between Battery Charging 2 x Micro-IQ Buck Regulators (<1A IQ (typ) Each) 220mA Output in 25mV Steps in 50mV Steps Micro-IQ LV LDO/Load Switch (1A IQ (typ)) to 2.0V Input Voltage 50mA Output to 1.95V Output, 25mV Steps Micro-IQ LDO/Load Switch (1A IQ (typ)) to 5.5V Input Voltage 100mA Output 4V, 100mV Steps Micro-IQ Buck-Boost Regulator (1.3A IQ (typ)) 250mW Output in 100mV Steps Easy-to-Implement Li+ Battery Charging Wide Fast Charge Current Range: to 500mA Smart Power Selector 28V/-5.5V Tolerant Input Programmable JEITA Current/Voltage Profiles Minimize Solution Footprint Through High Integration Safe Output LDO 15mA When CHGIN Present or 3.3V Haptic Driver ERM/LRA Driver with Quick Start And Breaking Automatic Resonance Tracking (LRA only) Support Wide Variety of Display Options Micro-IQ Boost Regulator (2.4A IQ (typ)) 300mW Output in 250mV Step 3 Channel Current Sinks 20V Tolerant Programmable from to 30mA Optimize System Control Power-On/Reset Controller Programmable Push-Button Controller Programmable Supply Sequencing Factory Shelf Mode On-Chip Voltage Monitor Multiplexer and Analogto-Digital Converter (ADC)


General Description . 1 Applications. 1 Benefits and Features. 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings . 12 Package Thermal Characteristics. 12 Electrical Characteristics. 12 Typical Operating Characteristics. 34 Bump Configuration . 40 Bump Description. 41 Typical Application Diagram. 43 Detailed Description . 44 Power Regulation. 44 Power Switch and Reset Control. 44 Power Sequencing. 53 Current Sink. 54 System Load Switch. 54 Smart Power Selector . 54 Input Limiter. 54 SAR ADC/Monitor MUX. 55 JEITA Monitoring with Charger Control. 55 Haptic Driver . 55 ERM . 57 LRA. 57 Driver Amplitude. 57 Automatic Level Compensation . 57 Haptic UVLO. 57 Vibration Timeout . 57 Overcurrent/Thermal Protection . 57 Haptic Driver Lock. 58 Interface Modes. 58 Pure-PWM (PPWM). 58 Real-Time (RTI2C). 58 External Triggered Stored Pattern (ETRG). 58 RAM Stored Haptic Pattern (RAMHP). 58 Fuel Gauge. 61 ModelGauge Theory of Operation. 61 Fuel-Gauge Performance. 61 Battery Voltage and State of Charge. 62

Temperature Compensation. 62 Impact of Empty-Voltage Selection. 62 Battery Insertion. 62 Battery Insertion Debounce. 62 Battery Swap Detection . 62 Quick-Start . 62 Power-On Reset (POR) . 62 Hibernate Mode . 63 Alert Interrupt 63 I2C Interface . 63 Applications Information. 63 I2C Interface. 63 Start, Stop, And Repeated Start Conditions. 63 Slave Address. 64 Bit Transfer. 64 Single-Byte Write . 64 Burst Write . 64 Single Byte Read . 65 Burst Read . 66 Acknowledge Bits. 66 Application Processor Interface. 67 AP Write 67 AP Read. 67 AP Launch. 67 Direct Access I2C Register Map. 68 Direct Access I2C Register Descriptions . 70 Interrupt Registers. 70 Status Registers. 71 Interrupt Mask Registers. 75 AP Interface Registers. 78 LDO Direct Register. 80 MPC Direct Registers . 81 Haptic RAM Registers. 82 LED Direct Registers. 83 Haptic Direct Registers 85 AP Command Register Descriptions . 88 Write-Protected Commands and Fields. 67 Sleep Mode. 63


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